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16th January 2015, 01:10
There an open source build for an ROV that can go down to 3000 feet. It can be built for a cost of $5K U.S. Underwater UFO research has a big hole there is literally no research being done unless its through government projects of course without sharing a word to the public. I have flirted with doing this research for a while. Off the coast of California there has been numerous sighting of UFOs coming and going out of the ocean. It's still a big investment and theres a number of machining work needed that I lack skill doing, yet I'm still considering setting out to build one.

This individual below has given me much inspiration and he is even building his own boat.



16th January 2015, 01:30
Here in UK there was a huge reduction in the use of ship building skills a couple of decades ago.

An artist, whom I know very little about, came up with an ambitious plan to create a giant steel sculpture using the local steelworking skills of the redundant shipbuilding grunt workers.

It was done. It was called the "The Angel of the North".





[ get the idea? ]

I think you might do well to sniff out the older generation of redundant workers who can 'make anything' and will be glad to have a project to sink their skills into.