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Black Panther
24th December 2014, 12:42

Nice Pele report of Tom!

Of course 'they' have created this Christmas Holiday where we eat / drink and smile too much,
while in fact a lot of bad emotions come from deep and this time of the year it's a good time
to go within instead of working very hard on our outer fake smile. Though smiling and laughing
is not a bad thing of course :p

Mantra from Tom:

"It's OK to feel,
Whatever arises within,
It's when I distract, deny, and suppress,
That my troubles are soon to begin."

Tom : "The thing about this week is the danger of losing yourself in order to "look good," "care take," or "be there," for everybody else.
The challenge is to find the balance between, and honor both your inner personal needs and feelings while also showing up for others.
This mantra does not imply that whatever urge arises needs to be acted on. The important thing is that the feeling is felt, recognized,
and used for increased self knowledge and inner growth. Followed to its source, each feeling holds important information about who we are,
what we need, and where to go, and why we are here..... tune in and check it out..... happy holidays!"

Injoy Christmas with the ones you love,


Black Panther
24th December 2014, 22:49
Wrong link and so video wasn't playing.
Made correction :)

25th December 2014, 00:15
Love it and agree totally>>>>>thks for posting Black Panther...........much appreciated :)