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11th December 2014, 00:51
Beautifull piano music.

An Abandoned Castle

The tale of an abandoned chateau sat in the heart of the Limousin in the center of France, the beautiful if somewhat unknown Chateau de Bagnac, there had been a castle here on this site for over 600 years, the one here today is a just a little more than 100 years old but here sits a chateau in ruin facing no grand future restoration, no one to hear its plea for help, in fact its only grandeur may be this video showing its decay as mother nature takes a hold once more.

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11th December 2014, 01:06
Paris Apartment unlocked After 70 Years!!


Un appartement inoccupé depuis 1942 a été découvert à Paris
du côté de Pigalle, un appartement parisien a été réouvert pour la première fois... après 70 ans. Capsule temporelle vers le passé, cet écrin hermétique appartenait à Madame de Florian qui l'avait quitté précipitamment pour aller se réfugier dans le sud alors que les troupes d'Adolf Hitler avançaient sur Paris. Et jamais elle ne revint.
A Paris Apartment that was left untouched for more than 70 years...has been finally unlocked and it's treasures revealed....come and take a peek.
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11th December 2014, 02:24
Wow, that Paris apartment is haunting (in a good way). What a great start up point to write a novel around - who was the person/s who paid the rent faithfully for 70 years?

Mmmm, I might cogitate on that: Sherlock:

Must look at the abandoned chateau now, ah, perhaps the answer to my question lies there.

12th December 2014, 17:54
Beautiful even if it's a little creepy!