View Full Version : Native American Chief's 2011 dream to interpret

24th November 2014, 02:33
Hello, found this interesting 2011 video in which a native Chief has a dream about a visit with Obama. In the dream he enters a room with him and Obama doesnt acknowledge him but comes out of the room and shares with the news media how much he can learn from the native Americans. Now close to the ending of 2014 we have some insight and wonder if someone might have their interpretation of the dream? Personally dont feel it will be a huge revelation to most but provides an insight into native cultures and what they can offer before it was news and maybe listen more to what they have to say. The Chief seems very humble as well.


Wolf Khan
25th November 2014, 00:18
Their true wisdom is never spoken, but listened to.

27th November 2014, 18:51
I'm not gifted but I would say that it is clear that Obama is (as most of us have suspected) controlled by others. He has spent his terms in office saying one thing but doing another or even not doing anything at all about these things. I would say this dream sums this situation up.