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17th November 2014, 12:11
I thought I would post this story cause it just seems so pertinent at the moment. I have always taken great interest in cryptozoology especially creatures like bigfoot and yowies which I have absolutely no doubt exist.

Also an elderly chap I knew, who died recently, told me only a few months ago how his son, who owns a huge property around the Northern NSW area, has also witnessed a giant upright lizard when he was walking on his property with his dog?

Just recently my husband was visiting his naturopath when she mentioned that she was interested in many subjects that were not recognised in mainstream science. It was during this conversation she mentioned how her little girl of 5 years old has seen on a few occasions a dinosaur in their backyard in North Brisbane....yep you heard me North Brisbane?

Upon his next visit I gave him one of my old Nexus magazines dating back to 2009 which had an article on the Burranjor. She took home the magazine to show her little girl who jumped for joy at the sight of the Burranjor pic and yelled "That's the one mummy, that's the dinosaur I saw"

Hmmm! who knows perhaps this creature is interdimensional. Hence the reason it is so elusive..


By Rex Gilroy

For those interested in cryptozoology this is fascinating stuff.


17th November 2014, 12:28
Hmmm! who knows perhaps this creature is interdimensional. Hence the reason it is so elusive..

That was exactly my first thought upon reading this story Tania. Society wishes me to chastise myself for being a fantasist when it comes to legendary beings but I won't. I feel very similarly with Loch Ness and truly believe this to be an access point to Agartha (ie a portal to another realm that we crudely understand as being interior to the planet surface) hence the strange sightings throughout history and the sheer depth of this inland lake. I wonder if this is simlilar? I also wonder if there are energetic clues within the vicinity such as ley lines or an esoteric history maybe?

18th November 2014, 05:47
Interesting thought 777.

So glad to know that you are also one of those so called Fantasists...lol

I think anything and everything is a possibility...I love delving into this world of possibilities. There are numerous sightings of a variety of crypto creatures all over the world. I realise one has to be mindful that there is a percentage of these sightings that are possible hoaxes but there are too many credible people who study and research these creatures. There is a well known Australian Cryptozoologist/Environmental Scientist called Dr Gary Opit who I have met a few times who has had first hand experience with the Australian Yowie. He has even released a book with pencilled sketches by a female artist who is called the Diane Fossey of Oz who is able to get up close and personal with these creatures and close enough to sketch them in their small family groups. Fascinating stuff!

18th November 2014, 06:25
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