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3rd November 2014, 21:14
Astrology Status for November 3, 2014, A Scary November If You Want It to Be
November 3, 2014 at 5:43pm
‘Scary’ November

November is a very, very cleverly disguised version of the pattern we’ve been seeing now for several months. We have a few clusters of hard, pointy - i.e., scary - aspects scattered among a mix of soft, twinkly aspects.

Some scary things will happen, though not as many or as scary as a lot of people fear. Other scary things will seem like they’re going to happen, but they won’t.

The hard pointy aspects will doubtless knock a few big chunks of hard karma loose. But things will not slip into chaos. Soon after, things will return to what seems to be the new normal.

A New Mood

The new normal is a new, mixed mood. This mood blends optimism, uncertainty, and doubt. It is lace with fear and the occasional feeling of panic. The fear arises partly from memories of recent hardship. It arises partly from the release into consciousness - the purging - of deeply ingrained negative patterns.

The harsh energetic conditions of recent years are too close behind. New, improved energetic conditions have yet to take hold. They are arriving toward the end of December, still a few weeks away. This current, transitional period, then, will bring continuing bouts of anxiety and emotional instability, individually and collectively.

The Worst That Can Be Said

The cumulative effects of our collective unease, coupled with the effects of the aspects themselves, could push any number of the political and economic crises currently simmering in the world into the red, at least momentarily.

Military tensions and military activity could flare. Perhaps we will see more temporary stock market gyrations.

Problematic natural conditions, like the drought in California or the lava flows in Hawaii, could turn critical, temporarily.
Nationally and internationally, I am expecting transient peaks of political and economic turbulence. However, it is highly unlikely that November’s astrological waves will capsize the big ships of state or tip the world into depression and war.

That simply is not what these vibes are about. I cannot stress this strongly enough. These astrological conditions will not support major, long-term adverse events. The worst we need fear are panic and ugly moods and their unfortunate effects on events.

On the individual level, we will almost certainly know or hear of individuals who suffer adversity. In most cases, though, despite the dark moods and scattered panic, November will most likely just rock our boats a bit without actually sinking any of them. In the end, November will confirm our hopes and validate our optimism, not our fears.

I don’t want to minimize the seriousness of the violence or adversity that will strike in November. November’s aspects, like those of previous months, will probe for economic, political and physical weakness. And it will find some.

November's energies will test us emotionally and materially. But, when all is said and done, things will be nowhere near as bad as they might at first appear to us. And options will continue to develop.

November’s Worst Moment

Consider November 9-13. The worst of November’s aspects occur over this time period. (All times are UT, Universal Time.)

Nov. 9th - Moon SEXTILE Uranus retrograde
Nov. 9th - Moon SEXTILE Jupiter
Nov. 9th - Venus square Jupiter
Nov. 10th - Moon TRINE Mercury
Nov. 10th - Moon TRINE Neptune retrograde
Nov. 10th - Mars conjunct Pluto
Nov. 11th - Moon opposite Pluto
Nov. 11th - Moon opposite Mars
Nov. 11th - Moon square Uranus retrograde
Nov. 11th - Moon TRINE Sun
Nov. 12th - Mercury TRINE Neptune retrograde
Nov. 12th - Moon TRINE Venus
Nov. 12th - Moon TRINE Saturn
Nov. 13th - Venus conjunct Saturn
Nov. 13th - Mars square Uranus retrograde
Nov. 13th - Moon square Mercury
Nov. 13th - Moon TRINE Uranus retrograde

The ‘Bad’ News

There are 17 aspects over this five day period. Nine of these are positive (upper case), 8 are negative, broadly defined. Of the 8 negative aspects, four or possibly five (underlined), are likely to cause concrete negative events.

But notice that Uranus is retrograde, weakening its ability to cause concrete events in the outer world. While retrograde, Uranus is more likely to cause inner, subjective events or, perhaps, just heated discussion.

November’s negative aspects might trigger a short cascade of negative events related to October’s eclipses. They might be a few shades darker because of the coming Uranus/Pluto aspect, but not much.

The long-standing Uranus/Pluto square will be exact for the 6th time on December 15, about a week before Saturn enters Sagittarius. This Uranus/Pluto square was exact for the first time in June 2012. The last will be in March 2015.

The Uranus/Pluto square is really old news. This recurrence in December will be a faint echo of its first occurrence. It is highly unlikely to cause any lasting issues. We might not even notice its effects as anything out of the ordinary. It is unlikely to intensify the effects of November’s difficult aspects, much. Our darkish moo, however, could either intensify or exaggerate their ill effects.

The Good News

So, many factors will soften the effects of the bad aspects occurring around November 10th and 11th. Other influences strengthen the good aspects.

The 9 positive aspects are strengthened by the ongoing positive energy shift, and the retreat of the long series of admittedly harsh, disruptive aspects of recent years.

The long and the short of it is, as already noted, there will very likely be some negative events to mark the passing of these difficult aspects. However, we must understand them for what they are.

They are a small cluster of hard, pointy aspects floating in a generous mix of moody but soft and twinkly aspects. Also, they occur as the hard energies of recent years fade and the more supportive energies are about to come into effect.

Pick Your Mood

In recent months, it seemed that we could choose to see the positive or the negative potentials in our lives. In that way, we could choose success or failure, or temporary failure anyway.

What seems to me to be different about November is that both negative and positive interpretations of events will bring a positive outcome. There will be a positive outcome no matter how dark our mood or how pessimistic our mindset.

The hold of pessimism and negativity over our minds will weaken as the Saturn Sagittarius ingress approaches. It will be replaced by a more realistic, matter-of-fact approach to challenges The harsh aspects are losing their grip on the course of events.


5th November 2014, 16:57
Astrology for the Soul November 4, 2014
As I meet the the dragon of desire,
That lives deep down within,
I take it on as my new job,
To see that all sides win.
Get ready for this full Moon falling right on the fixed stars of Aldebaran and Antares, the heart of the Scorpion. This coupled with Mars joining Pluto in Capricorn will make for one intense weekend for us all. It is a time for the awakening of passions that can lead to tremendous progress and/or stir up a tremendous mess. With tact, patience, diplomacy and consciousness we can become masters of our lives. With rash, impatient, self-interest we may experience crushing opposition to the best laid plans. May you experience the former as you grow and prosper. Injoy!
Music by laurameyer.net


Tom Lescher

Published on Nov 4, 2014

12th November 2014, 20:29
strology for the Soul, November 12, 2014

I just don't know if I really can,
Give as much as Life demands,
But when I let go and give it my all,
I come to find I'm a bottomless well.
Welcome to the New Paradigm! What? Not as fun as you thought? Not with Jupiter/Lilith square the Sun/Saturn/Venus conjunction this week, that's for sure! There just is no getting around doing the work these days, but, in doing the work there can be some very real, tangible results. The best perhaps is finding what your true work/joy is. If you are not joyful in your current occupation Life is telling you (through BS, struggle, and little return) that you are in the wrong line of work. Sometimes it is hard to make the change but it can get harder and harder still to stay the same..... time to transform yourself and in so doing we will together transform the world. Go for it


12th November 2014, 20:40
Posted By Marina Macario on Apr 21, 2014 | 73 comments
Uranus Square Pluto 2014Uranus square Pluto started its series of seven squares back in June 2012. By now we have a good idea of its energy and it is certainly making itself felt. It does feel like a paradigm shift is happening, but in the great scheme of things we are only at the beginning. The cycles of Uranus and Pluto are extremely long if we consider their whole cycle, which means a period of approximately 100 years from conjunction to conjunction. It will work like a generational lunar cycle. The seeding moment for this current cycle then was the Uranus conjunction Pluto of 1965/66.
It is actually much more useful to look back at what was started in 1965/66 as opposed to comparing this current waxing square to the waning Uranus square Pluto of 1932/34. (Though I grant you that they are not totally unrelated). Of course both squares are points of crisis, but there is a difference between the two. This this waxing square; “Here the courage to meet crises of action and encounters with the tyranny of the old, leads to an active and decisive break with the past. Yet one often does not realize the full magnitude and implication of such moments until their time has passed.” ~ Cyber World Khaldea.

The rise of dictators and the great depression that occurred at the waning square of 1932 –1934 came about as a result of seeds sown in 1850 -1851. During this time Imperialists were busy empire building and plundering the New World of its treasures. As the cycle progresses we see great famines in the east, while the industrial age is booming in the west. The contrast is quite stunning by the time of the waxing square in 1876 -1878. So we are at this waxing square point again right now. There may be financial collapse and job losses, but this is NOTHING compared with millions of people who starved to death in India and China in the late 1800’s. We are talking 40 million deaths here!!! This really puts it in perspective doesn’t it? I think this current waxing square phase is crucial in preventing a devastating nuclear World War III later on. This war would probably occur (If we follow the same cycle) just after the waning square of 2073 – 2074. My thoughts are that what was started in the 1960’s will not take us to the same gruesome end of the last cycle. But we have to be careful that we don’t get complacent either. There may not be the need for physical war if the war for our minds is won. Some of us were physically enslaved in the last cycle, now we have to free ourselves from the chains we put on ourselves.
Previous Uranus-Pluto Cycle

Uranus conjunction Pluto 1850/51 ~ Aries 3
Ireland Famine (1 million die). Australian Gold Rush. Taiping Rebellion China. (20 million die.) Fugitive Slave Act (US). The Great Exhibition in London; The Victorian British Empire showing off all their “wonderful” civilised achievements… built on slave labour.
Uranus square Pluto Waxing 1876/78 ~ Leo 2/Taurus 2
Indian Famine, 26 million die. Queen Victoria becomes Empress Of India.
Chinese Famine, 13 million die. United States Gilded Age starts. Thomas Edison invents the phonograph. First commercial telephone exchange.
Uranus opposite Pluto 1901/02 ~ Sagittarius 2/Gemini 2
Commonwealth Of Australia formed. 1st air flight. Queen Victoria dies. First public telephones. Women’s right to vote Petition delivered to the British parliament. Marconi receives 1st trans-atlantic radio signal. First movie theatre opens in California, USA. 1st Borstal opens in Kent UK. Nathan Stubblefield experiments with wireless telephony. (1st Mobile phone..Yes really!)
Uranus square Pluto Waning 1932/34 ~ Aries 3/Cancer 3
Soviet famine (Millions die), Great Depression. 14 Million unemployed in the US. FBI created. Rise of dictatorship in Europe, Hitler comes to power. “Brave New World” published. Jailed Gandhi begins hunger strike. 1st motorway. 1st Mars bar. 1st oral antibiotic. 1st TV demonstrated. Neutron discovered.
At the end of the last Uranus/Pluto cycle we get the ultimate in dominator Pluto energy in the shape of the Nazi party. Hitler himself also had Uranus rising manifesting in its most cold, callous and detached form. He was very much a man of his time then. At the end of a cycle you can often see the seeds of the next. Nazi technology is still being used today. In the list you can see more insidious ways of domination emerging, TV, sugar, fear…(Neutron bomb). Some of “Brave New World” could be happening now. Everyone in the book takes “Soma”, the “State-produced drug, as a self-medicating comfort mechanism in the face of stress or discomfort, thereby eliminates the need for religion or other personal allegiances outside or beyond the World State…..Spending time alone is considered an outrageous waste of time and money, and wanting to be an individual is horrifying. Conditioning trains people to consume and never to enjoy being alone” ~ Wiki

tower2I like what Palden Jenkins has to say about the Pluto/Uranus cycle “Uranus and Pluto have their own characteristic styles of creating resistance and conservatism. They can push people up against their fears, exacerbating resistance to change by threatening insecurity or disaster….” It was on the back of the economic crash in 1929 that Hitler rose to power. He was seen as a saviour. The Nazi’s were only able to take hold due to their clever use of propaganda over their desperately poor and weakened people. Even then, the Nazi party never achieved an overall majority. After a succession of elections, the Nazi’s became the 1st party in 1932 and in 1933 Hitler ceased control by banned the opposition! “The historical lesson here is that, if forces of change are blocked, they turn savage, leading to excess and consequent reaction, giving power to historical figures with the spunk to take advantage of a situation. Yet such power-holders usually embody something in the collective psyche which craves authoritarian control, even if demanding the opposite.” ~ Palden Jenkins
Both Uranus and Pluto are about change yes, but Pluto’s transformation can fester underground forever, occulted, until Uranus’s lightening bolt hits it just at the right spot. The process is rather like the thunderstruck tower of the tarot. The rebuilding of that which has been devastated can a while. It is not a quick fix. Uranus and Pluto are uncomfortable bedfellows as Uranus craves sudden change while Pluto demands achingly slow and thorough transformation. But in this modern, in fact Uranian society we have grown used to ever-faster technologies with lifestyles to match. (The worlds 1st proper motorway, the German Autobahn was opened in 1932.) Pluto reminds us of the longer term evolutionary cycles that involve karma. What one sows is what one reaps, generations after. Palden Jenkins concludes “Sure, we reached the Moon in 1968, yet the deeper assimilation of the implications of space travel are still far away – even if ETs landed tomorrow!… Uranus-Pluto conjunctions and oppositions might bring sudden and radical changes, like a cathartic diarrhoea, yet their full integration takes ages.”
Current Uranus-Pluto Cycle

Uranus conjunction Pluto 1965 – 1966 ~ Virgo 2
“Bloody Sunday” Civil rights demonstration. 1st troops sent to Vietnam. Worlds 1st Nuclear reactor. Hurricane Betsy ($1 billion damage & 76 deaths) in New Orleans. Moors murderers Myra Hindley & Ian Brady arrested. 1000s of anti-war protests picket the White house. National Organization For Women founded. Aborigines given the vote in Queensland. Unmanned Soviet rocket lands on Moon. John Lennon declares “Beatles more popular than Jesus”. 20,000 Buddhists march in South Vietnam. Two Deadly Earthquakes in Turkey destroy whole cities. LSD made illegal. 1st case of HIV brought into USA.
Uranus square Pluto Waxing 2013 – 2015 ~ Aries 1/Capricorn 1
Meteor explodes over Russian (1491 injured). Scientists use 3D printer to create 1st collagen body part. Pope Benedict resigns. Bangladeshi factory collapses (1129 dead, 2500 injured). Floods & landslides in India (5700 dead). Mass protests and violence in Egypt. Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines & Vietnam (6241 dead). Chinese unmanned spacecraft on Moon. US & UK are scheduled to withdraw troops from Afghanistan after 13 years. Ongoing Arab Spring (riots and civil wars in the Arab world that begun in 2010).
Uranus opposition Pluto 2046 – 2048 ~ Virgo 1/Pisces 2
Uranus square Pluto Waning 2073 – 2074 ~ Capricorn 1/Aries 1
Uranus square Pluto 2014There are some great connections between women’s rights and non-violent civil disobedience landmarks along both Uranus/Pluto cycles. Richard Tarnas’s epic book “Cosmos & Psyche” does a fantastic job of looking at the historical long-term cycles of the outer planets. He gives a larger orb to their effects than I have here, for example he sees the 1965/66 Uranus conjunct Pluto as being active from 1960-1972. For my current research I just wanted to narrow it down, otherwise this article would’ve been a book…But as someone born in 1966, I definitely feel a resonance with the 1960-72 generation.
I stated in a previous post that one aspect of the Uranus square Pluto may be Sexual (Pluto) Revolution (Uranus). After looking at the history of Uranus/Pluto cycles it is great to see so many clear examples of it. The very first Women’s Rights Convention was held in New York at beginning of the last cycle, gathering force at Uranus conjunct Pluto 1850/51. Female writers were the leaders of this group and formulated their demands for women’s suffrage. The first feminist books were published at this time too including “Discourse On Women” (1850) and “The Enfranchisement Of Women” (1851).
What was seeded at the conjunction, became militant by the Uranus opposition Pluto 1901/02. 37,000 women signed a petition delivered to the British parliament in 1902 asking for the right to vote. Emmeline Pankhurst founded the “Women’s Social & Political Union” in 1903. The same year, Marie Curie became the first woman to receive the Nobel prize. Uranus conjunct Pluto 1965-66 brought in the second wave of feminists with the founding of the National Organization For Women (1966). The book “The Feminine Mystique” (1963) was credited as the “Book that started it all”. We have come along way in the west as far as work and educational opportunities go. But it may not be until the Uranus opposition Pluto 2046/48 that we get any real equality for our sisters in the east and as far as true spiritual equality goes.

There is also a wave of links in the growth of non-violent civil disobedience. At the Uranus conjunct Pluto 1850/51 Henri David Thoreau published his seminal essay “On The Duty Of Civil Disobediance” He was a lifelong abolitionist and a huge influence on both Mohandas Gandhi (Uranus square Pluto 1932/34) and Martin Luther King (Uranus conjunct Pluto 1965/66) who follow. At the Uranus opposition Pluto 1901/02 the political writings of Leo Tolstoy were causing a stir and influencing the reforms in Russian. “This linage of descent in the evolution of civil disobedience – Thoreau, Tolstoy, Gandhi, King – is of course well known. What is surprising –and what should not happen so consistently – is the precise correlation with the Uranus/Pluto cycle.” [1] The most recent example for this current 2013/15 Uranus square Pluto will be the non-violent Occupy movement, which started with Occupy Wall St in 2011. The “Occupy” phenomena has spread worldwide and is ongoing.
Uranus Square PlutoSo what can we expect from this current Uranus square Pluto? With this waxing square we are at the quickening point of what was seeded in the 1960’s. Each point of the cross is important, but I think both waxing and waning squares have a secret quality where the repercussions are not obvious at the time it is happening. We can certainly see the surface violence and the crisis of the squares, but no so much the enlightenment or the true liberation quite yet. We are in effect freedom fighting while at the same time gestating the “baby” that was conceived in 1965/66. This is an important time in this embryos development and there is a danger that we could abort all that has been achieved so far, if we cave in under the pressures of a negative, fatalist Pluto. Negative Uranus would be expecting the quick-fix enlightenment mentioned earlier. This is not about us, it is about our children and their children. What kind of “Brave New World” are they going to inherit? The atrocities of of the scale of Nazi Germany will not happen this time, but its waning square does serve as a warning of what might happen further down the line, if the worst manifestations of this waxing Uranus square Pluto are allowed to take root. We are not All One if it means becoming part of an herd that obeys someone like Hitler. It is our karmic duty therefore, to ensure we do not breed any more slaves to the machine and teach our children not to be afraid of being very unique and wonderful… individuals!
Uranus Square Pluto Dates

Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012 ~ 8º Aries/8º Capricorn
Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012 ~ 6º Aries/6º Capricorn
Uranus square Pluto May 20 2013 ~ 11º Aries/11º Capricorn
Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013 ~ 9º Aries/9º Capricorn
Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014 ~ 13º Aries/13º Capricorn
Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014 ~ 12º Aries/12º Capricorn
Uranus square Pluto March 17 2015 ~ 15º Aries/15º Capricorn
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