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2nd November 2014, 10:17

CASHIN ALONE GETS TO CAPTURE EVERYTHING GOING ON BENEATH THE SURFACE. The above is just one photograph of what lies beneath New York.
Cashin is the staff photographer for New York Cityís Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Itís a job that requires him to document all things MTA, from staid ribbon-cutting ceremonies and small-time grip-and-grins to the mammoth subterranean construction projects that have made the MTAís Flickr account a destination itself. If youíve ever read about yet another delay in the Second Avenue Subway and exasperatedly asked yourself, what are they doing down there, anyway?, Cashinís photographs offer a succinct riposte: Theyíre digging magnificent, impossibly big holes in the Earth.

Apart from the newer stuff:

The colossus: The M42 takes up a space ten storeys deep below Grand Central station - and was even a target for Hitler during World War Two



th backpack slung behind, headlamp set in place and gloves on hand, Steve Duncan heads down a set of subway stairs. He makes his way to an abandoned station, under a manhole and beyond the city lights of a bridge. His words of warning: ďDonít hit the third rail, donít get run over by trains, watch for motion detectors and donít be seen.Ē

In the late 1990s, Duncan began exploring the abandoned subway tunnels and sewage systems beneath the city, as well as other forgotten piece of infrastructure. By 2005, he was regularly taking photographs of these dark, desolate places and has since had his work published everywhere from the New York Times to Wired to Gothamist. (Normally, you could find more of Duncanís photography at his website Under City, which for the moment seems to be down.