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The One
10th October 2014, 21:46

Youtuber states

Become fluid and shapeless like water, you can see he displays very little effort, or energy (inner) chi, notice the connection in the meaning of each word. If you focus your mind to become like water as he says you can let your body do what it was meant to do and as flawlessly as blinking or beating your heart you do it without trying, you just do it... this is to mention with years of practice... you can condition your body mind spirit complex to achieve amazing feats people do this everyday.

10th October 2014, 23:14
Bruce da man!

If i remember correctly The Doctors told him he wouldn't walk again...............back fighting within a year!

Lord Sidious
11th October 2014, 02:08
The bit with the ping pong and nanchaku is CGI for a tv ad.

11th October 2014, 09:25
Chinese Gung-fu Incredibleness?