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30th September 2014, 01:14
Imagine knowing everything you wanted? And how much would your life change if everyone knew your secrets?...;)

Highly recommend this video & there's a question answer period at the end.


30th September 2014, 02:13
Interesting he said some people have this ability better than others but that it can also be learned. And creating a magnetic field enabled a stronger connection. Also was amazed how said something about the windows systems how they create a huge insulation from tapping into our potential also the artificial signals and electrical interference has reduced the paranormal energy.

1st October 2014, 00:48
no more secrets = truth.
there would be no lies and deviation.
just a truth that would everyone would strive for.

the difficulty is that we are not ready to be aware of other peoples minds.
one is the the ego and the toxicity of the mind.
for there to be a complete nonjudgmental of mind screening it would require a hive mind and is that what we would like to embrace?

where would your sovereign being be?you would have no creativeness as a individual but only working as a whole!
we can already read body language ,feel emotions and these serve as a early warning sign for us.
do we really want to be telepathic?
sure we would want to get ideas from the ionosphere to help us evolve as a species but do we really need to know each other inside out.
there would be no fun in that.

14th October 2014, 19:56
where would your sovereign being be?you would have no creativeness as a individual but only working as a whole!

...good point... on one end of the spectrum there woud be no private thoughts but on the other end no secrets. The question is what benefits us more as a race? It seems we are loosing our privacy already to sources gathering data on everything we write or say, and with our sovereign being looking at history it seems we keep repeating it and forget our lessons. But its true if its all or nothing we would give up what remains private, but it sure levels the playing field...

14th October 2014, 20:00
It's probably why the "advanced" races have hive minds.

14th October 2014, 20:05
Question: If having to make a choice, based on human progress. Would you give up your privacy or decline and keep it?

14th October 2014, 20:10
I think the privacy and freedom of will is the main part of this human project.

The ETs are probably struggling with the challenge of giving us a shove without developing our minds in the same direction as their own hive minds.

14th October 2014, 21:19
Question: If having to make a choice, based on human progress. Would you give up your privacy or decline and keep it?
Privacy is a quite place for me, the right to be left alone in peace.
Any thing els would be an invasion, a homogenous existence would be subjugation.
We can chose to be in gatherings being part of a collective and at times that's fun.
All meetings are about engagement and showing your self and seeing the other person. I would say all my first assessments are always correct, yet not really an assessment as there is no analytical process, that is just an add on after the first download of information.

14th October 2014, 22:22
It depends what kind of a world it is. A world full of hatred, bigotry and fascism? Telepathy would be a nightmare. If it were a kind of world in which people were accepted for who and what they were, there would be no need to keep secrets in the first place. It is not so long ago people were chemically castrated for being gay. I can see why people in such a world would keep secrets.

14th October 2014, 23:08
Made me think
Dose any one here meet people for the first time with preconceptions?

Because on the whole most encounters are quit good. ( not always on my wavelength )

15th October 2014, 02:43
preconceptions can be good or bad, it will depend on the urgency of this person in your life.
there are many a time when i thought id miss read that person because in time i perhaps understand them better.
at other times my first impression doesn't change from that first instant
other times it a social judgemental thing, it may be mine at times but mostly from others due to there expectations of people, i find in where i live we have only a few stereo types in general , anyone outside that very limited mind set have to work harder at ignoring ignorance until they (meaning the other) get over it. but then again i do live in commercial area .so i guess it would vary depending on where you concentrate your encounters.
There are many times where telepathy is perhaps not needed as body language often says a lot especially at the moment of you meeting someone,often i can read people reading me as if scanning me, sizing me up.Some on a commercial or status mind and some for a trust thing, it's funny i never noticed this so much living in Europe.
Its made me question what sort of perception i give to others at that moment of first contact , It has given me some doughts about
myself .So i have had to sharpen up a few things, but for the most of it "stuff it" i will keep as sincere as i can , and if they don't like it they can bugger off.

If telepathy worked in a way that wasn't a word for word thing , it would be a general feeling towards a thought, Then i think telepathy wouldn't be such a crazy idea, and the need for so many word usage would reduce to simple and immediate understanding.

That to me is telepathy.