View Full Version : Healing Depression For Those Who Are Awaken

3rd September 2014, 12:13
Hello beautiful people, just stumbled on this uplifting video which in my view is worth 20 mins of your time.
Perhaps basic for some but never the less beneficial for those of us who sometimes feel a little low.


Enjoy my fellow truth seekers.


3rd September 2014, 14:23
Thanks Russ !

Having had a really tough year ,I find that this struck a chord with me , having a 'down' day today but this has lifted my spirit Thankyou .

I find a Hug really helps as well .

4th September 2014, 18:10
Russ, I loved it. . . . at first I thought, yea, yea, same old stuff, all good, but. . . then I kept listening . . there was something about the momentum behind this, his energy, that grabbed me and took me to a very nice place. And I'm not a person who tends to be depressed, but I am a person that sees the sadness around me - and can empathize.

Not sure what I'm saying here, except this recording has more merit than one at first might expect and should be shared. Thanks for doing your part of sharing, I will pass this on. Hugs, Babs

5th September 2014, 17:57
thanks for sharing Russ.
i have felt for a long time that their is not enough support for those that are beginning to awake so to speak.
some who think they are awake are happy in their circumstance and are settled in that state of being.
for me that is i,m alright jack syndrome,i,m aware i,m ok,i can see the state of affairs!
but are they willing to help other people in their awakenings or just sit back and say it is your personal journey that you must go through?

i tend to have a experience through dreams, or such then doubt,then months later get the answer .this is happening more frequently.
i tell you it is a very hard place to be because you question your own sanity.
it is personal and who would want to share with people their experiences ,when the psychiatrists and pharma
wow just had three knocks on the door and a phone call whilst trying to write this. disruption at it best.

but as people awake are there enough people who are able to recognize and offer help to those who are awakening.
i do feel that there are many people who start to awake cannot ,do not know know what is going on and seek help from their doctor and are dumbed down again by medication.

Depression is a major factor in the awakening factor,so strong that you may have negative thoughts and confusion about whome you are and the illusion that entraps you.
where can you turn to?
your doctor?

this video does help,but does it help for those that can see and recognize their dilemma.
what about the people who do not know but are experiencing these awakenings?

5th September 2014, 20:56
as you become more aware things that you learn can become more depressing as the the world and it,s true colors unfolds.
this is not the world that you wanted to experience!a realization of we are being controlled since we are born.
then as you learn and strip away the layers of whom you truly are,what you are and your very essence of being.
you may begin through all the bull **** that we are being fed.

just like Bill Hicks said it,s a roller coaster of a experience to test you to your limits.
some people have it easy and glide through it and for others it is a living hell.
it does not matter how many book,s you have read or knowledge in the secret circles of life.
for all they are ,are a control system within themselves.

you know what you know and have experienced.that is your personal journey and sometimes it may have similar notions of others.
when you can share and validate your experiences then that is the pill that confirms you are not going crazy.
when you start to strip away the layers of whom you are ,what are you left with?

it is scary and frightening and i hope we can all find,discover and live as we are truly meant to.

6th September 2014, 10:05
I loved that, I will be sharing It, thanks Russ, great find :) xx