View Full Version : One Citizen Uncovers the Conspiracy of TWA Flight 800

12th August 2014, 19:58
I just watched this 2013 release.
What a mind blower.

A single, obsessed US citizen after years of independent research has solved
what actually happened to TWA Flight 800 -- all its passengers died.
The truth is astounding.

By the end, you will be convinced that the agencies of the US gov't under Pres. Bill Clinton,
covered-up, overlooked and concocted their final findings.

There are other documentaries on this subject,
but it took one talented, obsessed person over many years to prove it wasn't an 'accident.'

At the very end, the film maker lists and shows those who assisted, fabricated and sold in this cover-up to the world.

The film is not on-line yet.
Here's the trailer.
Watch it in full if and when you can.
You will be informed and equally outraged.