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10th August 2014, 13:12
I can see this resonating with a lot of you heathens on here ;)


The Moon is full at 6:10 pm GMT on 10th August 2014 in the 19th degree of Aquarius. This Full Moon is a Super Moon (at its closest orbital point to Earth) of the most exacting and powerful kind. It is not a Moon to be taken lightly (pardon the pun!). In her brilliance she speaks of karmic forces, initiatory journeys and deep transformation. Her energy may feel heavy and oppressive to some, in which case we must ask ourselves where the weight is coming from and why. Such honest, heartfelt enquiry will help us identify where our own energy is stuck or becoming so, bound up with aspects of our life and identity which need to be offered up for healing transformation. This Full Moon links us through linear time to the 18th/19th February 2015 when we have a Black Moon in Aquarius (the second New Moon in one solar month). The time between now and then is an initiatory period of great significance, for it forms part of the completion of the Uranus/Pluto square, on-going since 2012 and completing in 2015.

Many people these days throw their hands up in the air each time an astrologer refers to yet more change, crying ĎHavenít we had enough?!í. The answer to which can only be one thing: not even close! Think about it Ė if the cycle of change stopped now and THIS became the status quo what would have? A world in turmoil, a planet riddled with conflict and an environment that continues to be destroyed by interests which fail to recognise how interconnected we all are. Agreed, alongside this we have more enlightened movements for change, many working for peace and a burgeoning number of people seeking to live life from a wiser and more awakened state, but all the same.. there is still a lot of change needed to bring this planet and all life upon her into a state of balance which will enable a new way of living to take hold and grow exponentially. And whilst, as individuals, we may feel we have done all that we can, endured more than enough and embraced just about as much change as possible, we are not part of this process as individuals but as microcosms of the macrocosm which is still in a birthing process that demands energy, commitment, fortitude and a willingness to endure no matter what.

Now I realise that all sounds a bit negative, but this Moon isnít about negativity at all. Itís actually about freedom from negativity and a perceptual shift which can enable us to carry on with a lighter heart and a freer mind. If, however, we think feeling better comes only through a particular change in circumstance then we may be disappointed. This Moon is not one to change externals but to change our inner landscape so that the externals of our lives look altogether less burdensome as a result. In effect this Moon asks us ĎWhy do you see change as problematic? Why do you assume there comes a point when change stops? Why do you seek to defy the natural laws of birth, growth, decline and death by wanting to solidify a moment in time, a state of being, a desirable set of circumstances, beyond its ordained life span?í. These are weighty questions and they speak to the very heart of the error we so often make when we survey our lives: that of believing that life is all about us, rather than recognising that we are all about life, and life, by its very nature, is movement, change, ebb and flow. Life exists in a state of dynamic tension between birth and death, followed by more birth and more death. Stagnant is not life but death, unchanging, unmoving. Stagnant is what the human spirit becomes when we try to cling on, control and shape our lives into what we think they should be. Stagnant is what we become when we believe the lie that change is bad, control is good and life is all about us getting our own way.

This Super Moon is poised to blow a lot of old beliefs and ideals out of the water once and for all. It exhorts us to pay attention to how our minds work and the power we give them over us. It urges us to recognise with every fibre of our being that we donít have to believe a single thought that passes through our head if we donít want to. We donít have to hold to a single belief unless we choose to. And we need to choose well and with great discernment, because what occupies our minds in the coming months will be what shapes our life come that Black Moon mid-February 2015. This Super Moon is the moment of conception for the birth next February. So at the time of this Super Moon a review of our thought processes and beliefs would be an extremely powerful thing to do. If we can bring our awareness to those things which occupy our mind the most; the stories we tell ourselves; the beliefs that shape our perceptions; the dogma we have absorbed from others; mental constructs presented as truth upon which to hang some identity or other. If we can simply sit in silent witness of all these things, we can create the space around our thoughts which allows us to just be, watching them without believing them, testing them out before aligning with them.

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