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24th September 2013, 19:28
What is the Most Screwed Up Thing About Your State? Check This Chart


Rationale and statistics:

Most stats taken from America's Health Rankings and the U.S. Census unless otherwise noted.

1. Alabama: highest rate of stroke (3.8%) (tied with Oklahoma)

2. Alaska: highest suicide rate (23.6 suicides per 100,000 people in 2004)

3. Arizona: highest rate of alcoholism

4. Arkansas: worst average credit score (636) Source.

5. California: most air pollution (15.2 micrograms per cubic meter)

6. Colorado: highest rate of cocaine use per capita (3.9% total population)

7. Connecticut: highest rate of breast cancer Source.

8. Delaware: highest abortion rate (27 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44)

9. Florida: highest rate of identity theft (122.3 reports per 100,000 people)

10. Georgia: sickly based on highest rate of influenza

11. Hawaii –highest cost of living (tied with California) Source.

12. Idaho – lowest level of Congressional clout Source.

13. Illinois: highest rate of robbery (284.7 incidences per 100,000 people)

14. Indiana: rated the most environmentally unfriendly by NMI solutions Source.

15. Iowa: highest percentage of people age 85 and older (1.8 percent) (tied with three other states) Source.

16. Kansas: poorest health based on highest average number of limited activity days per month (3.5 days) Source.

17. Kentucky: most cancer deaths (227 per 100,000 people) (BONUS fact: Kentucky also has the highest rate of tobacco smokers – 25.6%)

18. Louisiana: highest rate of gonorrhea (264.4 reported cases per 100,000 people) Source.

19. Maine: dumbest state claim based on lowest average SAT score (1389) Source.

20. Maryland: highest rate of AIDS diagnosis (27.6 people per 100,000 people) Source.

21. Massachusetts: worst drivers claim based on highest rate of auto accidents Source.

22. Michigan: highest unemployment rate (13.6%)

23. Minnesota: highest number of reported tornadoes (123 in 2010) Source.

24. Mississippi: highest rate of obesity (35.3% of total population)

BONUS facts: Mississippi ranks poorly in the most number of categories. These include highest rate of child poverty (31.9%), highest rate of infant mortality (10.3%) lowest median household income ($35,078), highest teen birth rate (71.9 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19) and highest overall rate of STDs.

25. Missouri: highest rate of bankruptcy (700 out of every 100,000 people) Source.

26. Montana: highest rate of drunk driving deaths (1.12 deaths per 100 million miles driven) Source.

27. Nebraska: highest rate of women murdered annually

28. Nevada: highest rate violent crime (702.2 offenses per 100,000 people). BONUS fact: Nevada also has the highest rate of foreclosure (one in 99 houses).

29. New Hampshire: highest rate of corporate taxes Source.

30. New Jersey: highest rate of citizen taxation (11.8%) Source.

31. New Mexico: antisocial claim based on lowest ranking in social heath policies Source.

32. New York: longest average daily commute (30.6 minutes) Source.

33. North Carolina: lowest average teacher salary Source.

34. North Dakota: ranked last in ugliest residents report as chosen by The Daily Beast. Source.

35. Ohio: nerdiest state claim based on highest number of library visits per capita (6.9) Source.

36. Oklahoma: highest rate of female incarceration

37. Oregon: highest rate of long-term homeless people

38. Pennsylvania: highest rate of arson deaths (55.56 annually) Source.

39. Rhode Island: highest rate of illicit drug use (12.5% of population) Source.

40. South Carolina: highest percentage of mobile homes (18.8%) Source.

41. South Dakota: highest rate of forcible rape 76.5 per 100,000

42. Tennessee: chosen most corrupt state by The Daily Beast. Source.

43. Texas: lowest high school graduation rate (78.3%) Source.

44. Utah: highest rate of of online porn subscriptions Source.

45. Vermont: infertility claim based on lowest birth rate of any state (10.6 births per 1,000) (tied with Maine) Source.

46. Virginia: highest number of alcohol-related motorcyle deaths Source.

47. Washington: most cases of bestiality (4 reported in 2010) Source.

48. West Virginia: highest rate of heart attack (6.5 percent of population)

49. Wisconsin: highest rate of binge drinking (23.2 percent of population)

50. Wyoming: highest rate of deadly car crashes (24.6 deaths per 100,000) Source.


24th September 2013, 19:38
Hmmmm ...

Have not opted to fly my country flag here ... at least yet.

IMHO the most screwed up thing about *every* state is the feds (which ... of course ... go several levels down the rabbit hole before sniffing at the real source).