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The One
22nd July 2014, 18:05

Published on 2 May 2012
A spiritual journey into the ethereal landscape of Dartmoor with Satish Kumar, the world-renowned ecologist & creator of Resurgence magazine. Through changing seasons, Satish walks the moor and explores ancient woods and rivers, home to a wealth of wildlife including red deer, emperor moths, and starling roosts. His meditations on the natural world are lyrical, uplifting and timely

Stoat muldoon
22nd July 2014, 21:25
Love this mans philosophy , I go to the forest sit make a brew and drink in her beauty, when time allows . Then LNT ,

22nd July 2014, 21:42
I brought every single one of my close family members a copy of this two years ago as its soo beautiful , he is a wonderful being !

22nd July 2014, 22:25
There was also a programme on the World Service about the ‘peace walk’ from Delhi to Washington that Satish did in the early Sixties, when he had tea with the Shah of Iran and arrived too late to take tea with Kennedy. That was apparently inspiring and moving.

27th July 2014, 15:28
perception and awareness are key to our development.
do we need to seek out esoteric teachings to find ourselves?
gnostic teachings,angels,spiritualism,a church to belong?
when the facts are in front of you.but we cannot see.

nature if you look has all the answers you need.
by destroying nature we are destroying ourselves,just as the phone masts are disturbing not only ourselves but the bee,s and other creatures.
by creating technology for our own wants,we are damaging Gia and all of it,s creation.
when in fact i believe we do not have too.
we can create technology to advance in balance with nature.
only our greed to advance will be our downfall if we do not keep a balance.
each of us have the ability to see nature work as it does,but choose not to see instead feeding the machine that is ruining everything.

a few people that claim to be enlightened are not enlightened but are in a natural state of being and appreciate what Gaia creates.
that is where we all should be working ,learning both scientifically and naturally to a harmony that helps create a safer,loving planet for everything that lives upon it.