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The One
15th July 2014, 12:00

Kazakhstan, Mangyshlak peninsula, May 2014. Two amazing weeks of travelling, offroading, swimming in the sea and watching Milky Way at night...
Video made with Canon 5DM3 + 16-35mm and Canon 5DM2 + 24mm lens.
Music: The American Dollar - Signaling Through the Flames.

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15th July 2014, 14:21
Those vids are stunning, I was absolutley mesmerized watching the first vid, and the music was a perfect fit.

15th July 2014, 19:11
Thanks Malc, Pretty spectacular stuff.

About 5 years ago, I had a dream about Kazakhstan that was quite powerful. At the time I have a vague idea of where it was, but knew nothing about it, so did a little research.

Besides the beauty of the mountains, I found a quite interesting capital city of Astana. Below is a picture of the The 60-meter-tall Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.


Inside the Palace of Peace

More pictures of this modern city.