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11th July 2014, 17:14
Published on May 31, 2014
Every conceivable niche upon planet Earth has been populated by life forms --
on land, in freshwater and the seas, beneath layers of rock far below the earth's surface,
even buried within the formless ooze on the ocean beds and encircling their scorching water-spewing hydro-thermal vents.

Yet, inexplicably, there is one lone but vast ecological niche that has remained totally untouched by such animate activity --
the rarefied atmospheric layers above and encompassing our world.
True, insects, bacteria, birds, bats, and various other living entities spend varying extents of time in the sky,
but there is no known life form that has evolved to live exclusively here, never venturing ground-ward except to die.
There are no sky beasts, or cloud creatures -- or are there?

could be a long forgot repost, but what the heck...this one is not to be missed.
any connection to malc's post (http://jandeane81.com/threads/3547-Morphing-UFO-Over-Milan-Looks-Like-Group-Of-Angels)?