View Full Version : Paul Murad's Searl Effect Generator

The One
11th July 2014, 13:16
Paul Murad joins us to discuss a variant of the Searl Effect Generator that generates a 7% decrease in weight in steady-state rotation with as much as a 20% decrease in weight during transient testing. The design is based on a combination of features from both John Searl's classic SEG along with several new modifications resulting from Sergei Godin & Vladimir Roshchin's Searl Effect Generator experiment in the 1990′s, and also featured a number of new enhancements such as use of a ferromagnetic fluid in the ring-roller system to simplify construction & reduce cost.

Paul Murad is an aerospace engineer and retired science and technology analyst for the United States Government, and also served as the Section-F Chairman at the ISNPS STAIF Conference for many years. He is currently engaged as the CEO of Morningstar Applied Physics, a startup focused on exploring innovative new approaches to energy & propulsion technologies.