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7th July 2014, 17:34
What this group of Greeks is doing really fascinates me. This imo is our future if we are to loosen the control of the Cabal over our lives and take back our sovereignty.

If anyone is interested in doing something similar, especially in Italy, please let me know :)


"Ever since the advent of the Neolithic Revolution some 10,000 years B.C., elements of mankind have increasingly striven to carve up, control and dominate the land, creating an increasingly stratified social hierarchy in which those at the top use force and coercion to dictate to the masses and ensure their subjugation. Whether this has manifested itself as authoritarian dictatorships or the so-called “liberal democracies” of the modern world (a term which is rapidly losing any semblance of credibility in an age of corrupt, self-serving plutocracies), the essential dynamic has remained.

Those who seek to live outside these systems of control – which went into overdrive upon the advent of our mastery of agriculture, only to accelerate a thousandfold in the age of industry and technological advance – have found themselves increasingly embattled as “civilization” has endlessly expanded. The nomadic traditions of old – gone today in all but the most remote corners of the planet – and the hunter-gatherer tribes which find themselves under threat as corporate interests seek to exploit the rainforests of the world seem like the last vestiges of a way of life that has become all but extinct."

Read more: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/07/03/offgrid-living-vs-control-matrix/

7th July 2014, 23:28
They are definitley `being the Change` :)

7th July 2014, 23:47
Very encouraging to see postings like this, Thanks shamanseeker.

Hopefully we can continue to follow them and see their progress.

Wolf Khan
8th July 2014, 00:56
How about living for our own sake.

9th July 2014, 14:13
Yes, we do need to live for our own sakes but collaboration is also important when we need different skills and talents in order to feed ourselves and our families and do all the practical things we need to do in life if we are to overcome the monopolies that are controlling our food and health. I was talking to the lovely lady who, with her husband, runs the cake shop/bar in the village. They find it impossible to sell natural products because those producing them are unable, they say, to sell them at a price people are willing to pay. Are we to produce everything just for ourselves and solve the problem like this or should we work together to 'beat' the big monopolies and save the small businesses that are being destroyed by our governments with impossible taxes which leaves everything in the hands of the Úlite. This is not criticism but a real question and I'd appreciate answers here.

10th July 2014, 13:13
This is a topic upon which many have a pretty long rant about. I live in what was once the Greater City of Lithgow in governmental terms. We have lost all but one industry which is a State run gaol, I think we may have been the only city desperate enough to take anything that gave hope of jobs. When you look around, Australia used to ride on the sheep's back, now just about the only wool we see in our shops is but very little everything else is made in China, possible out of polyester/cotton. I am sensitive to polyester, so I don't like not being able to buy woollen clothes in Australia, for a place where the chain stores, which is about all we had left sell clothes so lacking in warmth or made of brushed polyester which is not the wamth we need in one of the colder area of our State.

The small shops were nearly all closed up and as you say the buying of food was only possible from the three giant food chains.
So what am I on about really? Last year we had an election for our local council. The new mayor and her team ousted the incumbents who were pretty useless. They have decided to try to bring life back to the CBD, and are asking for ideas on how this could be done. Yesterday, it was becoming obvious, that the end of the street we call main street, which was almost full of old small but empty shops, is now is coming slowly back to life. Some of the owners of other shops were hanging on like grim death, taking a drop in their own wages and so on, but with these small shops opening up again, it is now becoming harder to find a parking spot in front of them and we now have a health food shop back again and a candle shop and other goodies. So our small town is now trying to get itself going again. The Plaza where most people went to shop, had taken the initiative to put the prices of rent up to be prohibitive to the smaller businesses, but the butcher shop stayed on - they grow their own beef and lamb and sell it in their shop and it is all grass fed so people will go there, and the organic meat butchers went to an off street that didn't cost so much, and they are managing to hold on - this is a part of my answer towards the idea that we live for ourselves, only our town is so poor they have had to learn the idea that we need to do it ourselves for ourselves. This town won the tidiest town in the State for many years - I don't think we're allowed to compete any more, but you can only have a tidy town if every one works to make it so and I'm afraid that's what it's going to have to be, each living for their own love of real life but in the end pulling together. So much of what was good has been going down the tube for a long time, each individual needs to decide what is really important to them and ask for it. After all even the big stores will give in to get good food if enough ask for it, they don't want to miss you whilst you go to some one else's rotten food choices.

11th July 2014, 14:32
Brilliant, Colleen! So glad that your town is reviving and in such a positive way :) It's ridiculous that they expected people to accept polyester instead of wool in a country like Australia! Thanks for telling this important story.