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30th June 2014, 22:56
Carl Boudreau's

Astrological Storm Warning

Rumors were circulating about rough vibes on the 4th of July holiday weekend. So I checked it out. I was surprised and concerned about what I found.

The best thing I can say about the aspects is that they could be worse. The aspects could, for example, come closer together in time or involve combinations of more powerful bodies.

The aspects are as follows. All times are for New York, or EDT.

July 3, early evening. Moon squares newly direct Mercury

July 3-4, overnight into Friday. From about midnight to about 6:00 AM, the Moon is Void of Course. Basically the cosmic clutch is out; it is a strongly error prone, as well as incident and delay prone time. During a VOC moon, if anything can go wrong, it will tend to do so.

July 4th, pre-dawn, Sun opposes Pluto.

July 5th, around dawn, Moon squares Pluto
July 5th, around breakfast time, Moon squares Sun
July 5th, early to mid-morning, Moon trines Venus
July 5th, early afternoon, Moon opposes Uranus
July 5th, early evening, Moon occults Mars

July 6th and beyond, the storm pretty much passes and the vibes get twinkly and pleasant, for the most part.

Since aspects cast shadows, these vibes might affect the mood of the whole week, at least for some folks.

Again, as in so many recent charts, there are solid supportive aspects in the background. So, next weekend’s vibes will, again, demand that we look through the clouds and darkness to find the strengths, opportunities and solutions that will surely be there.

Remember, in general, difficult aspects don’t guarantee bad events, they just increase the probability that such events will occur. So, like, don’t ride with people driving 75 mph down a crowded highway in bad weather while texting, for example. Obey all safety regulations and take all recommended precautions.

Also, meditation can help ensure positive synchronicity.

Since the Moon is so heavily involved, these vibes are likely to manifest where large numbers of people congregate.

Since the aspected planets are the kind that manifest physically and concretely, we’re probably talking about directly physical outcomes generally.

Severe weather, natural and man-made disasters are a distinct possibility. A lot of ongoing crises, or pending crises, will go critical. A lot of seemingly OK situations could turn bad very fast. Pluto, Mars and Uranus suggest explosions, gunfire and crashes and a lot of other kinds of unpleasantness besides.

The predominance of the Moon indicates that the vibes will also affect mood, temperament, temper and impulse control. But these vibes can also cause extremes of emotion that, in turn, cause serious nervous upset and physical illness. Difficult Moon aspects can also cause physical illness directly.

We’re also talking about anger, brooding, suspicion, outright conflict, and a general acting out of negative impulses. And power plays, lots of power plays, lots of abused power (bad Pluto).

Hard Sun/Pluto aspects often mark important but unpopular political and economic decisions. Crucial deadlines will likely pass, also. We’ll pass a point of no return.

We also need to discuss this weekend in terms of the recent crisis. In June, many of us had to overcome fairly serious and prolonged emotional and psychosomatic challenges.

In essence, for example, we had to fight through painful past life emotions to the pure, blissful everlasting realities buried beneath them. I believe this coming weekend will be another test of our ability and our willingness to fight through the emotional residue of past life pain to reach the eternally blissful foundation of our nature. Rather than be governed by that pain, or the fear of facing it.

The message will be the same, too, I believe. Succumb to the pain and negativity, be dragged down by the pain of past lives, or use your spiritual skills and strengths to overcome them and go forward.

17th September 2016, 07:03
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