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5th June 2014, 09:35
Life ends, but when does it start?

A baby may not be able to speak, but that is not the end of it's ability to Know what is going on around it. A baby is granted the Infinite, that is, it has the ability to see, feel and hear in the womb. It knows more than you do in your adulthood, for most adults seem to think they are not supposed to know who you are, nor what you came here for.

I know we are supposed to think we are not supposed to know, but if you close the chapter and verse off from this,you make your life have less sense than it did at the start of your life.

It will come as no surprise to find that the religions, (who seem to stop you from your mindless actions), seem to believe you have no right to the Infinite that you were born with.

Do not think it is too late, at any time in your life, to claim back, what after all is your birth right to know. I believe we get to ask, what we ask to know, and we are allowed to have the answers to our questions,maybe not the way you might expect to be answered, but never the less answered. For those who were sent an Archangel before, you are welcome to ask “Who Am I” and “What did I come here for”? You may not in fact have the amount of time here on Earth, that you think you might have.

Your age at which you die will be commensurate with how you feel your life is going. If at some time, you feel too much helplessness about the Infinite, and you cannot seem to understand about it which causes you too much hurt, you may die about that time.

The Infinite doesn't want to place too much of a burden on your Soul, so if you hurt too much, or have too much pain in your life, then your Higher Self is allowed to claim you back to the innermost sanctum of your own Home, in what you may call the "here after" and you are allowed working time there to solve what you were trying to achieve.

The main reason for anyone to be here on Earth is to use the senses of seeing, feeling and hearing, in a sense other than the physical. The main reason for this, is, that all are much closer to this than you may think. It is mainly thinking that causes to fears that come upon you, when you just happen to close your eyes and see in the corner of your eyes, that something is right there in your sight. I notice it when I'm not thinking much at all. The fuss of seeing it, sets the thoughts of it rushing to you, and you are not too sure what really happened to you. You put the thoughts to one side, of what it might be that you saw, although mostly it comes to you, what the thing you saw, was.

Thinking of it as seeing something worse than it was, and you have lost the chance to discover what to look for. Someone else might have seen it, or might have associated some name or person, whom it might have been. To let it go from your mind, is possibly what you keep doing. If you felt something was there and you caught a glimpse of it, but let the thought go , is something that I and many others do to stop themselves from seeing in another dimension of thought. There may be a good reason for you to not see now, it usually begins in the first seven years of your life.

It teams with life in the other thought dimensions, so tell yourself it is wondrous to see it, not only that but each person may see something quite different in these dimensions of thought than others . To explain it works like few others could ever imagine and may end up very healing for you to explain what you see. Plain sight is so very limiting, but to see every imaginable type of thought form, is so gut wrenching in extreme. This is what life can be for you, let alone the imprint of residual energies on the ground or in stone, of times long gone is something all historians wish for, but their eyes are closed to this phenomena, which brings together to one and all, the connectedness of all things Universal.

Seeing is like being alive in many senses of the word. All were born with the ability to do this, so please claim it back to yourself – I hope you will. Those who see far more than I've allowed myself to see, maybe some of you can help me to gain my own sight back, the very few times I've seen have told me I can, and I'm sure many of you are like me unable to use one or more of our seeing, feeling, hearing abilities back into our lives. You see, that is what Earth helps us to do, and we are supposed to go on living on Earth, if necessary, over and over again, until we are capable of allowing ourselves to do so. There is also the sate of thinking in terms of wisdom, which is another part of seeing.


5th June 2014, 15:01
Beautiful, Cearna! Thanks!

So many people in the world don't look about them or even see what's going on in the physical. You say to them: "Look at those beautiful roses!" for instance and they don't even acknowledge you (I'm talking about friends here!). Today I was at the station and one of the longest, lowest chemtrails formed over our heads. It started 'dripping' straight away and not one person, other than myself, even looked up at it. They didn't notice. All we have to do is open up, reach out and look and we'll learn so much. The native Americans say we can learn the most from just sitting and observing nature, the plants, the animals, etc.

Then, we start to see what you are talking a about imo, Cearna :)

6th June 2014, 08:08
So many on TOT love the miraculous, the images you post amaze me, the beauty most will at least see,in oz we have very small leafed trees and their flowers are not big and showy, except some like the State flower emblems, but if you go really close these tiny flowers are incredibly beautiful. My dad had a Single Lens Reflex camera and as soon as he got close to the bush, he was hunting around on the ground, finding the treasures under our feet, like sun dews and ground orchids. Later on I continued looking for such things, and watching the bird life flying by the backyard, but the things I want to return to my sight are the things like Ronin spoke about the auras of living things, everything near and far like snow clouds in Spring, about once a year, twice if lucky, we suddenly get snow, to you this may be a so what? but to us snow is not an everyday thing. To go outside, and see a few inches have, or are still falling is a really magical thing for us.

But then again, when I work, with energy, I Know when I see string tieing up the stomach by the person who ties themselves up in knots. My hands will go automatically to pull out a dagger or ice pick or I "See" a patch of cancer where someone has begun to hurt, but do you know I don't "see" anything there, other than with normal sight. I have to just have faith and trust that I have actually seen something, I trust it, but I envy those who can actually see it in front of them, so much easier to believe in your own self that way. I see colours come in through my third eye and I know they are the colours needed by the patient, and I am able to see everything as clear as day where I am with my eyes closed when I settle down to a quiet space within. I have worked on people knowing I am doing something, but only when some one is with me am I able to know what is happening. One time I will not forget is when my friend interrupted me to ask what on earth are you doing? She informed me I had a peacock feather dancing in front of the lady (her friend), also a flower pot with fireworks coming from it, and an endless stream of clear crystal light all bobbing in front of her, other things as well, I laughed and said, she needs some magic in her life, so I am giving it to her, yet I couldn't see a thing. That my friends is the joy of seeing, that which others say is not there. So much magic in the physical and the "unseen" I think I became afraid to be known as able to see, now I really do want it back. I am telling myself to allow myself to see, but people like Ronin, hold onto it with everything you've got when it starts peeking up to show you it's there within your grasp, hug it to you and thank yourself for every time you find the thrill and excitement of seeing real things, that others of us had and let go of.. Go for it!!!!!!

7th June 2014, 14:39
Fact is Cearna i do not know what is happening.
that is why i am here browsing all the alt media forums,just to try to understand.
is there really something to go for!if you do not understand what is happening?

sometimes it does seem like one big test,it pushes you to your limits plus that extra mile just to see if you are worthy.(of what)?

the be kind thread posted by shaman seeker,well i have done that and learned to build up a defense wall.
because being kind does not always pay off.
you can offer people love and empathy and see through their ego,and through experience which is going on today they bite back and attack.

so i had enough one day and thought fook it,stop trying to help people and sort yourself out,concentrate on who i am and when i discover that question then i maybe able to help other people.

now that does not mean that i am not able to everything,because i can.
from the insects,plants,tree,s,environment and people.

what it does tell me that i can give love but certain people are not ready to receive it.

should we battle a strong new soul with a large ego?
but on the other hand they do throw themselves in our face!

there does seem to be battle to know thyself and they that want to subdue you and your creativity in life,just by remarks,snide comments ect.

but by being humble,having wisdom and knowing nothing can touch you .

only if you allow it to.

fact everyday i am attacked.it has become a norm for me.
i can read people and have done for many years and this has protected me.

now you can offer people love and send it out to them,but will they receive it?

for me it really does seem like one big test!:D

i know Cearna that you have spent time and energy concentrating on trying to help me.
i thank you,but i never seen a angel or such and doubt i ever will.
if a angel came to solve our life issues then would we not be bypassing our learning experience?
we all have to learn in our life because that is our path.intervention would compromise freewill of our selfs.

now i am able to let go but the world will not let me.


someone or something always wants to control you!

7th June 2014, 22:36
Ronin who is to say you have not had help from an angel, not being conscious of such beings dose not preclude them from existence or helping if deemed relevant for a persons life path. We could debate what an angel is except I don't intend to.:tea:because I am going to have tea.
As it happens a few my self included have been helped out by one of Cearna helpers.
I am very aware many people including family members have been saved by the intervention from what we would call an angel.
We are in a co-creative multi dimensional reality to believe we might function autonomously would be erroneous at best.

8th June 2014, 10:26
Hi Ronin, I'm having one of the heal Chelsea days (she our little Pommeranian X girl) and about every 4th day she gets an upset stomach, so with a 1/4 of a tablet and a day of healing cuddles she is Ok, So i will just answer as time permits.

Ronin, I have never seen my Higher Self (The Archangel of the Star of David) nor Mother Deep, as I said I very seldom see, though I did once see the God, Father Joh when I was running a workshop. However, there are Spirit Artists, and 30 years ago, one drew a pastel on cardboard drawing of Ivan. I have it on our websight, it is a jpg but I don't know how to transpose it to here, usually I ask Spiral to help me out, but you can go to our websight (I don't know if I'm allowed to put up its link) , if I am I will put it up for you here, otherwise if interested pm me.


However, as I said I rely on others to see these things, so I am able then to know they are there e.g during a treatment once I was asked who is the Angel above you - it was the Archangel of the Light, (when he was having a life on Earth he named people in the name of God, and they called him Christos at the time, which is where the story of Christ began I believe) this Archangel and the Angel Gabriel healed me of an incurable (at that time) Leukaemia, over three months coming to me every night for a few hours, whilst I put my hands on myself, and Wolf Khan also saw him in the the doorway to our kitchen. The Native American Misty Mountain was drawn for me twice by a Spirit Artist, he had a laugh with him about being too old to worry about his full regalia so only wore one feather, however, a friend of ours nearly jumped out of her skin, when she saw him behind me - close to seven foot tall and the full lot of feathers of an Indian chief right down to the floor - he has since asked if I minded that he went to shamanseeker, because he felt he could help her with her wish to learn the shamanic way (he is a God, but wears his Indian robes, our Homeopath saw Tsong Khapa floating above my head, and his Tibetan Guides were in heaven for seeing him. So there's some one around and if you can't see them, I bet that if you want to know they are there, then someone will see them for you and let you know.

We are still constantly attacked, for days last week, they will always head for some one of the light they can't help themselves. A year or so back I mesmerised a very large number who were after me at the one time (they were coming over 50 at a time), they are drawn to the Light it captivates them. My Angels are always there giving protection to us both - I won't say it doesn't get a bit hairy, but you can ask for their protection on a permanent basis, do you not think that to be worthwhile, especially with your family to look after, that does not stop me from doing my own work. there are some thing they definitely can help you with, such as the time you wish to let go of your own nightmare fears, you created the fears, so they need to go out of your life and yes you look into this for yourself, but when you are OK and feel I can let go of them now, you can ask to hand them up to them and they will remove and cleanse the fears and yourself , you have done the work, they just help with the clearing up. They don't stop you from having to go through what was yours to go through, they don't do it for you, however, you can ask for options or give you some understanding after the event as to what was going on at the time, which helps a great deal for you to find your own realisations, that can then conclude that experience for you instead of having to draw the same experience to you over again, until you finally work it out, that's the help, much the same as a best friend might say "you realise every man you ever go out with is a red headed Irishman, you say oh no, this one different and they tell you no they are not, it's just another of the same". That one was told to me by my friend herbalist who told her friend this till the cows were in, but the friend never realised what she was doing - same kind of help, it just happens to be an Angel telling you instead.

Is it worth trying to go through all this, yes, if you begin to read the signs as they come your way. There comes a time when as some people put it the Universe (and yourself) recognise that you are trying to find the way to make sense of it all, usually when you have just about given up and say I don't give a damn any more, guess what, what you are looking for suddenly turns up. Look for the signs that tell you OH oh, this is telling me what to do and suddenly it falls into place e.g. I had met a Palestinian Arab on my second last night in Israel. He fell asleep sitting next to me and suddenly he spoke (not in his voice) and said this is the man you are supposed to marry (Well I mean to say what do you do with that) I had to go on to Paris, but he wanted to go to Germany to his brother, so we decided to meet up at the Airport in Germany, in a couple of days, because once I arrived in Paris I had no other plans for a few weeks. I caught the train in Paris which went directly to the airport and when I arrived I found out it was daylight savings time and I was three hours late to meet him. I had no address and no other way of finding him, so I thought well that's that. Then suddenly he appeared before me, he had been kept in customs for three hours and had come to right near where I was, to get a coffee - coincidence or fate taking a hand, we kept having things like that happen all the time, seems like somebody up there wants you to have this relationship. I didn't marry him in the end, instead I married Wolf khan who was so like the other man it wasn't funny, so there you go. It is, for me a matter of just jumping in doing what seems to be telling you to do, then try to get the help of your Higher Self or the Angels to make sense of it all, because, as you can imagine trying to have a relationship with a Moslem who speaks Arabic, is not the easiest to try to do, especially if you are in another country. I went for it Ronin, I had nothing else to lose at that stage, so I went in feet first, but with a family ,well, maybe best to be a bit more circumspect, and definitely yes, learn about the nature of the human species, they might want to be treated well themselves, but there are many out there who need to learn a lot more about getting on together in this world.

9th June 2014, 09:00
Image inserted :chrs:

9th June 2014, 09:06
Image inserted :chrs:

Thanks once again for your aid. It's not a work of art, she did it in 15 minutes, the problem is it was done on coloured cardboard and pastels.:smiley hug: :tiphat:

9th June 2014, 09:44
Some tips gleaned about seeing auras

1. In some lights, the light you can see around a person, changes firstly to a circle around them, then to the halo effect.

2. If in that halo effect, you see a certain amount of blackness or darkness, this has no bearing on darkness around the person, it has to do with a shadow effect from your sight to the person, that allows shadow to stop around them. In that particular vision, you are on the outside looking in. There is no totality that allows you to explain what you are seeing, for the ends of the spectrum has colours your eyes cannot readily accept.

3. You may extrapolate that all light is in that halo, and in that particular light, you are only seeing a part of it.

4. If instead of seeing a halo, you see in an x-ray type of framework, then the forces of Light are being seen :behind the veil”. In other words, you are seeing from a very great distance. What you are seeing, is those who are sending the vision to you, in an action or exercise you are taking part in. At that moment you are sighting the Infinite on the most high of Life Forms.

I experienced this once, when I was running a seminar on the “Miracle that is yourself”. I was initiating these people into the art of getting healing via those in the Infinite Totality coming through you.

What I say was a form in a dark green background (not usually associated with the healing green), in an outline of the form only (a bit like when you draw the outline of a man shape) but in full detail of line, with some areas of space associated with the flesh of a body

5. Just remember that aura photos, can also only work within a limited range of the entire spectrum.

For those who did not see the thread I had about identical aura photos taken of myself and Wolf Khan, within 5 minutes of one another. These were 2 aura photos of the Holy Spirit being channelled through us both separately, and that is the Aura photo he uses as an Avatar, it is not showing a man with a lot of anger as some seem to think. The Aura photo in my Avatar is of the Archangel of the Sea of Tranquillity, channelling the combination of The Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit through me.