View Full Version : Are governments planning to hand over health care to corporations?

30th May 2014, 18:59
Are hospital horror stories being allowed to happen to turn public opinion against the nationalised 'health' system and open the way for handing it over to corporations?

I won't write about what is happening because it is really traumatic and horrific but have a look at the following link if you're prepared to know. Let's hope people wake up to what they are doing. I know this is the Daily Mail but that does not necessarily mean this isn't happening. I have heard the story of my sister-in-law's mother's last few days in hospital and I can assure you that these people are hardly human. We need to get to the bottom of how and why these people are being allowed by the government to 'take care' of these people.


31st May 2014, 01:19
I should say so.