View Full Version : Scorpio Full Moon 14 May 2014

12th May 2014, 10:56
This Scorpio Full Moon is freaking me out a tad. Coming up in the next couple of days.

I have a Scorpio Ascendent as does my son. Yikes!

And I know 777 is a Scorpio with Gemini ascendant, hence why we call each other 'mirror' in case you haven't cottoned onto that. (I have Sun in Gemini).

So who else has major Scorpio in their charts and what do you feel/think about this?

I feel it's either an opportunity for major transformation on a huge scale or something not likely to be welcomed, lol...

Time will tell I guess.;)



12th May 2014, 11:13
Mays full moon is always special for me because of all the Night Jars (a type of bird) that breed here, they are very loud at the best of times but on the full moon they crank it right up to 11 right through the night.

12th May 2014, 12:28
Nothing and I repeat nothing has ever had the magnitude (in my life as yet) as this passed April so I'm hoping this one will be tamer and perhaps a gentle "wobble" further back into place. The chance of me getting any sleep this Wednesday are absolutely jack lol. My youngest sun is in the same boat, bless him.

Let's keep em crossed it goes smoothly Mirror.

12th May 2014, 12:39
i was born on the 1st of November and so are my two nieces and a cousin with the same birthday.
my father was a Scorpio also who had a sting in his tale.
as i mentioned before i don,t quite get all the astrological aspects of this,but will watch with keen interest.
thank you.

ps. Sooz the lady in the video is pretty spot on!

Wolf Khan
13th May 2014, 06:35
Unless one understands the astrology themselves, it is just somebody else's opinion. Live your own paradigm, be yourselves, in LIGHT.

13th May 2014, 07:27
A full moon in any sign is never going to have far-reaching consequences on a global or communal level, but really only on a personal level. It travels far too quickly for it to have any long-lasting consequences. The only great effect such a moon would have would depend upon transit aspects with the natal chart of individuals.

13th May 2014, 08:29
Beautiful full moon here tonight and here it is. Full moon in Scorpio.

Absolutely gorgeous, plump and full of light, shining up my house.

It's quite magical.

I did say something personal to the moon tonight. I have been feeling it the last couple of days.

And it's all good.


13th May 2014, 09:39
Scorpio is a good sign for many things. For a planet of beings who are predominantly superficial, a little extra energy flowing through the Scorpio lens is always welcome. The moon in Scorpio would be a good time for plumbing your own emotional depths. If anybody wanted to capitalise on this roughly once a year combination to sort out some baggage, well, you'd be choosing a good time.

I say "once a year" because although the Moon is in Scorpio once a month, the Moon is only full in Scorpio when the Sun is in Taurus, because the Moon is full when it is 180 degrees from the Sun and so facing it "head on". Scorpio is the sign of everything beneath the surface in our "Nietzschean abyss", and the full moon in Scorpio is like shining a light into this abyss. Take a look to see what's down there :-)