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21st September 2013, 21:41

We offer these short films as a way to stop, take a breath, and come home to yourself, restoring balance to your mind, heart, and soul. By featuring spoken wisdom from today's most acclaimed voices in self-help and spirituality, these films can help to create sacred space within and without, providing personal sanctuaries of profound beauty and peace.

Each WisdomFilm starts with inspiring messages provided by the leading Thought Leaders of our time. With original music scored by Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin, these music-infused messages are set to the breathtaking time-lapse cinematography of award-winning cinematographer, David Fortney, providing short but potent opportunities to de-stress, recharge, and remember what matters most.
During these busy times, when many people are feeling overwhelmed, it is our hope that these "media-tations" will deepen your access to a deep gratitude for the very preciousness of life. For a DVD of your own, go to www.wisdomfilms.com.

JYOTI (JENEANE PREVATT, PhD) Holding sacred her Cherokee lineage, she teaches indigenous spiritualpractices that evoke a state of prayer and healing. www.mothersgrace.com

GARY MALKIN Founder and Creative Director of Wisdom of the World, is a multiple Emmy and ASCAPaward-winning composer and visionary media producer dedicated to making a difference in the worldby creating transĀ-formational media that inspires the heart, bridges cross-cultural differences, and catalyzessocietal and individual healing. www.garymalkin.com and www.wisdomoftheworld.com

DAVID FORTNEY internationally acclaimed director, cinematographer and editor, is famous for his state-of-the-art nature photography that is breathtakingly spectacular and exemplifies a sheer cinematic genius.  www.davidfortney.com

. I have a copy of the graceful passages and it has become a great help for me to center myself and connect with myself and let ego go and be still and in the now . I am grateful for malc who lead me to find this wonderful book and the beautiful pieces within it . It really has become a important part of my daily routine to sit and listen and relax my mind.
Anyways I do hope you find this piece as moving as I do .
Blessings to all Tribe xxx

22nd September 2013, 16:30
WOW! Thank you so much for sharing. :smiley hug:


22nd September 2013, 16:42
Glad you liked it , it has moved me to tears , lovely poem and stunning visual ;) xx

23rd September 2013, 12:21
Absolutely beautiful, thank you Sarah :hugs: