View Full Version : The Thorium Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling

The One
8th May 2014, 20:18
Laser Power Systems (LPS) (http://www.laserpowersystems.com/) from Connecticut, USA, is developing a new method of automotive propulsion with one of the most dense materials known in nature: thorium. A thorium-fueled automobile engine needs refueling once a century; not to mention it is ridiculously cool


"If your car was powered by thorium, you would never need to refuel it. The vehicle would burn out long before the chemical did. The thorium would last so long, in fact, it would probably outlive you.That's why a company called Laser Power Systems has created a concept for a thorium-powered car engine. The element is radioactive, and the team uses bits of it to build a laserbeam that heats water,produces steam, and powers an energy-producing turbine.*" Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks discuss.


Motherboard's 30-minute film on the grassroots movement to make thorium nuclear power a reality.


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