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1st May 2014, 21:50

Hello all TOT members.

Since May 2013, the Bigfoot Vocalizations 2 thread has been following,
commenting on and being blown away by the Sasquatch habituation
exploits of Mike Paterson. He is an everyman who finds himself in the
most extraordinary of situations. Documented sasquatch contact.

Along Mike's side from the beginning is his 'silent' partner, the 'property owner,'
who has experienced and interacted with a family of sasquatch for years on this research site in Ontario, Canada.
While his identity is confidential for now, the property owner teams with Mike to conduct leading edge
research that has consistently produced profound evidence leading to a new understanding of the sasquatch people.

Recently, we’ve been in touch with Mike and he has agreed
and looks forward to creating a dialog with the inquisitive, international members at TOT.

If you aren’t familiar with Mike’s situation and evidence (his audio is mind bending),
visit the first page of the Bigfoot Vocalizations 2 thread, sit back and grab your jaw. (http://jandeane81.com/threads/317-Bigfoot-Vocalizations-2)

Lately, I’ve posted several PMs that led up to this ‘ask anything’ session that Mike
has graciously agreed to. (http://jandeane81.com/threads/317-Bigfoot-Vocalizations-2/page60) Once you get into his incredible story, you’ll see that
Mike is one busy guy, so we’ll keep the questions to subjects that we’ll help us better
understand the man, his situation and his increasingly crazy evidence.
Plus, we’d like to pose questions that don’t retread well plowed terrain and are interesting to him
with enough substance to sink his teeth into. Throughout his two year habituation
research, he’s become not only opinionated, but quite philosophic.

So, if you’re interested in the Sasquatch phenomenom and would like to participate
in this unique give and take with a cutting-edge researcher, visit BV2, look around and
post your questions. Bottom line, this guy and what he's into is the groundbreaking real deal.

Let’s have some fun and make this a robust session between Mike Paterson and TOT.


here is the full interview: Sasquatch Ontario’s Mike Paterson Answers Our Questions. (http://jandeane81.com/threads/3008-Sasquatch-Ontario’s-Mike-Patterson-Answers-Our-Questions)

The One
2nd May 2014, 07:58
I would like to thank Mike for his time and effort on the above topic. This is a great chance for tot members who are interested in the above subject matter to get involved and ask one of the experts in the field questions and i would like to thank Mike personally for allowing us to do this


3rd May 2014, 14:30
we are compiling the final TOT member questions for mike patterson.
now's the time if your questions for his sasquatch research
haven't been asked or missed.

visit the BV2 thread this weekend to see what will be asked of mike.
the big question is -- what will he reveal?

3rd May 2014, 14:34
Have they played any musical instruments in the camp and if so is there any responsive behaviour to this from Sasquatch ?

If not might I suggest they try it !

Many thanks :) xx

The One
3rd May 2014, 14:44
Does Mike feel they are friendly or not.Does he feel nervous around them


3rd May 2014, 15:20
hi tribe and the one:

mike has gifted various percussion toy instruments that disappear and reappear.
so far, he's heard or experienced nothing, although he has heard strange musical notes, melodies
wafting from the forest area. he hasn't connected that with his gifted musical toys.
UPDATE -- mike pointed us to a recently discovered audio clip of a young sasquatch running
by his tent, jiggling one of his gifted maracas. it happens quickly, listen tight. two firm rattles. amazing. (http://youtu.be/ll1-Q_fdNQo?t=2m28s)

mike, through his experiences and lack of aggressive/injury, totally trusts his sas clan
to be friendly and accepting of him and the property owner. they are in the pocket.
it is a gift that he constantly works on not messing up. he's cautious not to stress
or exploit his relationship with his enigmatic friends. what he gets they give him.
he's not pushing it. patience is his companion. he is a saint ; )

if you have more questions, please visit BV2 and post what you'd like to know.
if it's well know by the BV2 crew, they'll help with your answer. if not, mike would be the one.

visit and see what we've come up with so far...

4th May 2014, 14:34
hello all TOTers.

mike patterson PMed to say he'd take 25 questions.

we've got some room on our question list, if you have
a last minute inquiry.

here's the link to review where we are now. (http://jandeane81.com/threads/317-Bigfoot-Vocalizations-2?p=21862&viewfull=1#post21862)

create a new posted question a BV2 if you'd like to join the conversation.

today, we'll finalize the list and PM tomorrow, monday.

last call !

4th May 2014, 23:02
after racking our collective brains, here are the final 25 questions
we have for mike patterson and his unique sasquatch experiences.
thanks to all the TOT members that participated.

check 'em out when you can.

mike will need some time to dig through and dig into our queries.
I suspect we'll be able to post his responses in a week or so. (http://jandeane81.com/threads/317-Bigfoot-Vocalizations-2?p=22047&viewfull=1#post22047)

13th May 2014, 16:09
well, today is the day, mike's conversation with TOT has been posted.
get out your reading goggles and see what mike patterson has to say.
and a big thanks to you TOTers and BV2ers who participated.
mike thinks this give and take has been fun and appreciates all of our support. (http://jandeane81.com/threads/3008-Sasquatch-Ontario%92s-Mike-Patterson-Answers-Our-Questions?p=22966#post22966)