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The One
29th April 2014, 09:16
Published on 28 Apr 2014

RECOMMENDED FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! The true story of Fairies has existed in legends from around the world for thousands of years. This movie explores all we know, both scientific and legendary, about the shamanic, mythical realm of Fairies. In the process, this movie takes us beyond the children's movie world of Disney and Tinker Bell, to reveal the ancient history of Fairies and the tremendous importance they represent in our culture as guardians of imagination.



29th April 2014, 10:44
Thanks Malc, will watch with the kids on the weekend

29th April 2014, 12:04
Thanks Malc, will watch with the kids on the weekend

Same here thanks Malc!!

30th April 2014, 11:41
This was a very enlightening watch for me. I don't think they made enough of a point about the twee Victorianization of dear little people with wings fluttering about the flowers and gathering moss to carpet their rooms, but the notion of gateways between worlds, and beings to whom ideas like "size" is baffling, were very accessibly presented.

8th March 2016, 01:38
Any way to to get this video back?

The One
8th March 2016, 07:00
Any way to to get this video back?

You can watch it here http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/173432/FAIRY_TAIL_The_True_Story_of_Fairies/