View Full Version : End of duality

Black Panther
20th April 2014, 10:45
We start playing with eachother instead of fighting eachother imo.
Is it really happening right now ? Do we start to see there is a system
of elite against humanity ?


@ Modwiz: you can turn off sound if you want :p

21st April 2014, 23:55
There's a "metaduality" between duality and non-duality. Existing either in duality or not in duality is a choice founded in duality, and so moving from duality to non-duality, perhaps, is not the dissolution of duality but the transition from one dualistic option to another, itself inherently dualistic.

Unless, of course, duality has never really existed. Then there's no problem :-)

Duality has always struck me as nothing more than binary logic. Something is either A or Ā (Not-A). People insist that what is A cannot also simultaneously be Ā because they need that one conceit to establish their petty kingdoms of order (ordure, Modwiz, ordure!) Imagine living in a world in which you could be just one big bundle of contradictions. Doesn't sound so novel, does it? :D