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1st April 2014, 13:29
The Viking sword was the primary weapon of the Viking. It was a development of the Roman spatha, evolving out of the Migration Period sword in the 8th century, and into the classical knightly sword in the 11th century with the emergence of larger cross-guards.

The Viking swords were pattern welded which gave the blade extra strength as the core was made of springy iron and edge of hard steel. Of particular note is the "Ulfberht" subset, which used steel of higher purity and carbon content than its peers in the region that may have been imported in ingot.


1st April 2014, 18:18
Thanks tontpn, I heard about these swords years ago when one was found in the mud of a river near where I was living at the time near York, & have never been able to find any more out about them.

I bet these are the origins of all the tales of magic swords from Beowulf to The Lord of the Rings.


1st April 2014, 18:50
Thanks tonton. Very interesting.

It reminded me of the "Spear of Destiny". The spear that purportedly pierced Jesus. Many leaders including Constantine and Hitler believed whoever possessed held the power.

Realize this is different than the Ulfberht. But human attributed powers to each for different reasons.

2nd April 2014, 14:52
The vikings were a much grater and complex race of peoples than what we are told, There history had been wiped from the face of the earth with an astonishing successes, Much like other extinct cultures.
I remember when I worked in Sweden for a number of summers in a lot of different locations, in my spare time,(which wasn't much)I tried to talk to locals to understand the culture of ancient Sweden, but to my disappointment ,there wasnt much to see as the church destroyed anything and everything that had anything to do with the old pagan religions, beliefs and language. there are not many rune stones to find for eg. and what are are mainly to state the land ownership of the local territory ect. nothing at all about paganism.Even in the museums there are very basic findings in general,nothing at all public, at least,to demonstrate there navigation tools nor ceremony,nor maps.
Impossible ,in the sense , that they would have had to be organized,world travelers,feared warriors,baring tec.that was beyond there time.
Some how their culture was wiped into today.
So I am glad that some fragments are found and recreated for at least the reflective value of what once was.