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29th March 2014, 23:05

"Published on Mar 22, 2014
April has been heralded as an important month, with its two eclipses and another one of those Grand Crosses in cardinal signs, and I discuss that.

I think it is probably more important because it marks the official roll out of the New Paradigm and the promise it brings.

This video is somewhat speculative and, after I present my case, I leave it to the viewers to decided if the New Paradigm is a real thing and if it functions as advertised.

[A couple of settings on my videocam were bogus, hence the "irregularities" in the intro and outro.]"

30th March 2014, 01:12
I highly recommend this video. This Elder has some quiet wisdom to share about how the heavens are affecting this world. Things are looking up.

2nd April 2014, 21:10
April as the roll-out month, the start date, the implementation for the new paradigm?

I think this horoscope for April and the months preceding, is important in its confirmation of what I and many others have been feeling about 2014 and Earth’s own plans for actual implementation in the physical. These plans are being reinforced by the entire solar system. For that reason I have transcribed below much of what Carl Boudreau says in this video.

This is the time for our becoming Wholly Human in anticipation of completing Earth’s plan and purpose. It is the beginning of implementation, rolling the ball, elasticity of the soul (As Kate Bush might describe it).

We are talking about a transition to a new, more inclusive, more refined, more sophisticated decision making process in which everybody’s input counts and a great deal more input is possible from a greater variety of sources and people.

I am aware that this sound too good to be true, but I have been watching this stuff long enough to have confidence in what I am saying. Keep watch on the national scene and see if those old political dichotomies begin to break down, see if we move from a dichotomy of head butting to a more inclusive, more sophisticated, better informed decision making process.

Do the events in our individual lives and in the world confirm that April or shortly thereafter is the beginning of a new reality on Earth?

MARCH’s aspects sent powerful aspects, a blend of deeply transformative energies into our hearts and minds, allowing us to dissolve, change, and to create NEW PATTERNS OF THOUGHT AND BEHAVIOUR. It intensifies an ongoing shake up in the hearts and minds of individuals. It further empowers us to explore new ways of relating to ourselves and each other and of responding to events. In essence – to change the self that we project to the world.

This was a peak of a pattern we have been seeing going on for several months, at least. Allowing us to change our response to on going world events and how we respond to each other. It gave us a chance to explore with our inner eye, the previous patterns of response and ask ourselves if wanted to go one responding in any of these previous patterns.

Might these changes in ourselves be laying the foundation for our creating a new paradigm in the world?

JANUARY and April’s chart have a commonality which enables orderly and constructive debate. January’s chart marked a milestone or water-shed moment in which history’s confrontation of factions AT THE TOP where the elite’s polarizing version of events was believed exclusively is being replaced by input from the bottom by grass roots activists and people on main street who are contributing in important ways to what was going on at the top. Examples: Pot legalization, marriage equality – people who previously had no say are pushing things through and having their say.

Each placement is in sharp stubborn conflict with every other. Polar opposites in fixed signs. Community interests versus individual elite interests. A power struggle. The free-for-all debate centres around the conflict between big money and small money, between the financial interests of the 1% and the 99%. It will take place in an environment largely transformed by the energies of this winter, which worked at the level of individual hearts and minds and community loyalties and alliances. But there is a crucial imperfection.

This imperfection is centred around the kind of issues that revolutions are made of. They now become priorities like it or not. They crowd right in there and interrupt what otherwise had been an orderly debate. They will go from being invisible issues to becoming the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no body wants to talk about but everybody ends up having to talk about.

These are issues we are all aware of but when powerful people come to decision making, these are the issues that get left in the dust bin – up until now. A lot of lip service but nothing is really ever done – until now.

What are these issues?

Our moral and ethical responsibilities to society. The long term financial interests of working people. The limitations under which they live, the disciplines they must learn and the hardships they must endure.

The issues include fundamental philosophical assumptions and the formation of groups (such as lobbying and propaganda, etc.) that represent these attitudes, IMPOSING them on us by shaping public opinion and government policies. Operative issues (NOT merely talking points. They will be there when the laws are finalized and not just pushed to the sidelines as they have been in the past) will also include the wages, benefits and rights of working people. These discussions will lead to changes in this area, over time. Meaning deeper and spread out into the future rather than instant results.

The actual process of legislation is fore-grounded here.

Under the old paradigm, debates over such issues tended, for the most part, to be dominated by two major power blocks, one on the right, one on the left. This often intensified polarization in society. The April chart indicates that the old paradigm will be superseded in favour of a more inclusive, constructive debate in this area, for a change. Also the outcome will likely be of a broad based consensus.

This April chart means we will begin to rethink, at last, some very important terms of the socio-economic equation. We are going to start rewriting the contract between the 1% and the 99%, and this time, because of a new paradigm, it will be a better contract for all concerned.

The 2 eclipses in the composite charts echo the themes in recent charts. Partly encourage and motivate, partly support communities as they transition from an individual, holistic, economic orientation to a more communitarian approach to community economics. It is taking place at the grass roots level at the prompting of these eclipses.

These eclipses are going to finalize decisions we have been making all winter. The things we’ve been planning to put into effect are going to start happening in April. People with newly and often deeply revised attitudes will revisit issues of political and economic fairness, especially as these relate to labour. People at the grass roots and community level are going to look at some very, very old issues that we thought were settled permanently a long time ago.

We’re going to begin looking at these issues with fresh eyes, and we’re going to develop new expectations about them. Suddenly they won’t seem so old, unquestionable and unchangeable.

The eclipses suggest the beginning of a NEW STATUS QUO, a water-shed moment in the battle between the 1% and the 99% and the indication is that this time around the 99% are going to gain some real ground. This also marks a turning point in the emergence of the new paradigm.

Is the situation in the Ukraine really going to take us back to the cold war, or, as this chart indicates, will it move forward in a more sophisticated, constructive, subtle way? It will not lead to a stand-off with missiles pointed at everybody again. It’s going to be more of a dialogue, more of a process. Also see if your individual life doesn’t proceed in a different and better way, and if the world itself doesn’t move in better ways that accord with this new paradigm. Just watch and see if people and the world begin to handle their affairs in a more intelligent, more inclusive, more promising way.