View Full Version : Can MIT Help Solve the Mystery of Bigfoot?

28th March 2014, 14:59
The software could help identify hoax videos.

Matt Knapp thinks that Bigfoot research is a mess right now.

“The facts are that in terms of progress, the Bigfoot research community has ultimately made none. We are no closer now to proving these creatures exist than we were 40 years ago,” Knapp told*Boston Magazine.

Knapp,*who runs a blog called “Bigfoot Crossroads,”*a personal site with updates about all things Sasquatch, recently stumbled upon an invention created by students and researchers in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab in Cambridge in 2012, called “Eulerian Video Magnification.”

EVM is essentially a software that allows users to break down videos to reveal things in them that are invisible to the naked eye. This includes visualizing the blood pulsing behind someone’s cheeks and face, or capturing changes in body behaviors that the average person is unable to detect just by simply staring at someone.*EVM does this by “homing in on specific pixels” in a given video,*according to the*New York Times, and then amplifying those pixels by up to 100 times using complex algorithms.

Knapp seems to believe that if the program can be used for medical diagnostics—it’s intended use when it*was publicly introduced in 2012*by the MIT team—then there’s no reason it can’t call out fake videos. “In such a fringe subject as Bigfoot, not everyone is serious about their motives for being involved. There are numerous individuals out there, that for whatever reason present false evidence,” he said. “I feel [this] truly is remarkable and ground breaking technology that will really do some good in the world. Later on after reading about it and watching the videos, I realized that this software could be used in the Bigfoot field as well.”

I'm not by all means a digital expert but this sounds like it may be the key to unlock real video footage.

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