View Full Version : Drummondville's front yard vegetable garden

Ineffable Hitchhiker
27th March 2014, 08:54
As they're about to turn 50, and wanting to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, Josée and Michel decide to plant a vegetable garden outside their home in the suburbs of Drummondville, Quebec. Their backyard had little sun exposure, so they decide to set up the garden in the front yard. Once the garden beds are in place and the vegetables have started growing, the city asks them to remove their garden to put lawn back, but the couple decides to fight.


27th March 2014, 09:08
We have a vegetable garden in the front of our house , not only does it bring me so much joy it has inspired others to so the same . It's a great thing to be able to feed your family real food untreated by chemicals and know that it was all planted and grown with love :) I never understand these story's of councils sticking their beaks In :(

27th March 2014, 13:31
Everything looks so healthy. Wonderful. I'm going to watch this again and again for some inspiration . . . . . thank you