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22nd March 2014, 17:17
if you're a fan of director, terry gilliam (who isn't?),
you'll want to see this behind the scenes
making of "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote"
and how/why it this film was never was completed or released.

the creative process is often fraught with disaster.

from IMDB:
Fulton and Pepe embarked on their second feature about director Terry Gilliam
intending to make a television documentary about the development and
pre-production of Gilliam's long-awaited passion project.
Having intimate knowledge of Gilliam's chaotic working methods, they knew they
were in for something dramatic. But they had no idea that the story would develop into
its own quixotic tragedy.
After the failure of Gilliam's production, Fulton and Pepe were wary of finishing their film.
Gilliam assured them that "someone has to get a film out of this. I guess it's going to be you."


The One
22nd March 2014, 17:52
Great post Jimmer

Tptb must have been running scared

The film that never was here (http://jandeane81.com/threads/522-What-Happened-to-the-2005-Movie-quot-Anunnaki-quot)

22nd March 2014, 19:06
what a devastating documentary.
what a tragedy for gilliam.
that guy is real guts. the need to create.
here's his latest. still to be released in the US


22nd March 2014, 20:52
thank you for giving us a insight into the movie world and the issues that they have to deal with.
the cost of a movie going into millions is beyond me but hey . what do i know!

Malc that movie that was never made concerning the Anunnaki.you mentioned that are they scared of what could be revealed!

i think not,because if we where told the truth today would or could we accept it?
the truth is we do not know when we are being told the truth.
fact becomes fiction and so forth.

so a movie concerning the Anunnaki would not present itself as much as a issue to the general public as it would be a in your face truth that no one would believe!

23rd March 2014, 13:59
I bet the Anunnaki director, writer, producer guy
ran from massive accumulated debt.