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22nd March 2014, 11:00
Coming to a place near you, real soon...

A great essay by John Rappaport on the future of medicine and Big Brother, with all your appliances spying on you...your toilet, your fridge, your lights - all connected to your smart meter, and if you are willing - even the tablets they prescribe for you with smart chips in them.


Be prepared to meet this stuff head on, it's not that far away...especially for the baby boomers who they want out of the way asap. We are going to be weighing on the system far too much for their liking.

First up - take control of your own health, do your research, take good supplements, eat organic as much as possible. Inform your family and friends. Strengthen the bonds with family and friends.

And be one step ahead of them.

Be informed.


22nd March 2014, 12:17
And finally, when the spy sensors show that a patient is having a very serious toxic reaction to a medical drug, that fact will automatically be shunted out of the system, and instead, a diagnosis of a new disease or disorder will be entered, to falsely account for the patient’s reaction—and a new (toxic) drug will be automatically delivered to the patient’s door, to treat the new non-existent disorder.

A few years ago, Jessie Ventura was doing a show with a doc (can't remember topic but it had to do with microwaves, towers, etc.) they had not finished. He would not give Jessie any information on his Hotel/Motel location. The doc went there to be with his (wife or girlfriend) and dead in the morning.

It was reported Big Pharma has already embedded **** sensors in drugs and no one has been informed. The name Dr. Hall comes to mind at the moment; however, not sure.

Unfortunately, this doc was not aware SERCO knows everything going/coming in the Hotel industry.

22nd March 2014, 17:57
One can only imagine what horrors might be gleaned from a spying lavatory.