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18th September 2013, 20:59
I'm in the process of gathering together the information collected in the original Self Betrayal thread on the first incarnation of TOT and I'll provide it for all those who are interested in recovering it for their own collections. I'm creating it as a PDF rather than recreating the posts here because I don't want to spam the forum with all the posts it would take me to copy them all many of the posts would surely exceed the 10000 character post limit and so if I were to do that, we would end up with more posts even than the original.

I managed to save 10 pages of the thread but it will be a while before I am able to make it available. I have just finished the fourth page and the average length is 10 pages of A3 per page, so a rough estimate of 100 A3 pages (200 A4) pages doesn't seem too out of the way.

It just seemed a shame to lose it.

18th September 2013, 22:22
OMG Sekou-Kishi, I have just seen this thread! I am stunned and humbled that you would put your valuable time into doing this!

I saved all 14 pages the other day when TOT restarted again following Church's excellent advice (13 in PNG file, and 1st page hml was all I could find). I also have the whole entire thread on html (text only) that I also converted into a Word.doc (but needs cleaning up due to transfer). I noticed some of the pages were disappearing the other day already on the google cache, they don't stay there long.

Since then I have been in a computer tech limbo as how to resurrect them back on TOT and also how to do a little clean-up keeping only the really relevant posts that progressed into fabulous in-depth discussions as the thread organically grew, sometimes with several discussions all interweaving. S-K, your posts were breathtaking! And something else that I gleamed while hunting down the caches, as it had been a while since that thread had re-fired up or looked at by myself - the viewing count was approaching towards the 7,000 mark - WOW, there was a lot of interest.

S-K, If you would like the other pages, just email me.

I don't know what else to say other than a big THANK YOU! I am really touched.

Breeze X

18th September 2013, 22:30
How did you manage to recover it Ollie?

Just as well, you put your heart and soul into that magnum opus!!! Hurrah

18th September 2013, 22:45
Breeze, thank you for the offer to email me the last four pages, I'd be really grateful and I'd include them in the PDF copy.

WMG I saved the pages a long time ago as web archive files (.mht) because it just seemed like a good idea. I thought I should make them available for those who want them. It's everybody else's posts that I was interested in saving; anything I write is not new to me lol, which stands to reason :-). I had a suspicion that there were pages I hadn't saved, so I am grateful for Breeze's post.

6th January 2014, 13:59
Did that pdf ever come into being?

With Love
(I could do with a breeze right about now)

6th January 2014, 14:15
So grate s.k. cant waite for it to return.

6th January 2014, 16:29
Good people do good things, old friends back together.

6th January 2014, 18:21
Yeah I have the PDF. I won't be able to upload it from this computer but I'll get it back to you :-)