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The One
7th February 2014, 10:49
How Sound is Keeping Humanity Enslaved

In the recent Global Energy Breakthrough Conference in Boulder, Colorado, Michael Tellinger shared his theory that sound is one of the most abundant forms of free energy on the planet. He said that sound is the primordial source of all things and is the common denominator of all creation.
With that being said, if an extraterrestrial race wanted to harvest energy from the planet, it could create such energy with sound.

There is evidence that the ancients used sound as energy
Michael Tellinger is a South African scientist, explorer, and founder of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement.
His interests in ancient archaeology started with the study of ancient stone circle sites near his home in South Africa.

In the video of his speech at the conference Michael explains the basics of the ancient artifacts that have been found that were used to generate sound.
He further explains how sound was used as energy to levitate objects in order to create the monuments that opened vortices which allowed spacecraft to come and go.

Smaller round circles in the shape of donuts or toruses and ice cream shaped stones were found all over the landscape in South Africa and across the world.
At one time, these beads or donut shaped crystalline stones had a higher trade value than gold because of their ability to generate energy through sound.
The Ice cream cone shaped stones properties which ring and reverberate with the harmonic frequencies of sound when struck.
Stone columns serve as antennae and are found in many of the ancient sites.

read more: http://www.in5d.com/how-sound-is-keeping-humanity-enslaved.html

A bit of info from the video below
The stones of the ancient sites hold the records of everything that happened at those sites. One day soon, humanity will remember how to access this information and will use this knowledge to live the way they were intended


7th February 2014, 13:20
While some people still "pooh!-pooh!" the idea, there is a lot I believe we have yet to re-learn about the nature and importance of sound.

the visceral power of live music performed on acoustic instruments (rather than electronically generated or amplified)
the Biblical account of creation (God said "let there be ...") and the descriptions of Jesus as the word of God made flesh

I'm sure there are other examples from other cultures that can be added to this seminal list.

7th February 2014, 13:28
Tibetan Techniques of Acoustic Levitation of Large Stones...etc...etc...etc...



7th February 2014, 14:32
This resonates with me. I would find it interesting to know *how* this was done. I recall coming across a youtube video of a man who used sound waves to levitate and object in a fishtank looking box. This man, who I believe was a professor at a university, could manipulate the object with much precision. Granted, much smaller scale, but same principle. I can't go looking for the vid on my phone, but maybe I will try to locate it later. Thanks for sharing this.

7th February 2014, 16:32
Acoustic Levitation has been in the news recently... it seems Science is on the verge of rediscovering what the Ancients knew all along:


Here's a news article about it:


7th February 2014, 19:07
Great post Malc and great to see you back.
I believe the ancients also used electromagnetic frequencies along side sound to help levitate large objects.
Check out the following video which demonstrates that in part.
Hutchinson actually gets a 70lb canon ball to levitate. (44 secs)


Similarly some of you will be familiar with Edward Leedskalkin and the coral castle. Singlehandedly he built some of the most incredible stone pillars of massive weight......because he claimed he knew how the Egyptians built the pyramids.




7th February 2014, 19:16
Edgar Cayce once said that the Egyptians floated the stones of the big pyramids into place.
He never said "How" they floated them (to my knowledge), but perhaps it was through sound.

We know sound can also be destructive. Children in the UK died from the concussions of the sound of bombs exploding close by. I know of a solder who lost the sight of his eye on the side where he stood next to (some kind of big canon-type gun) loading it and loading it and having it explode next to him - also hearing.