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22nd January 2014, 20:30

Firstly, although I never personally met Tony, I would highly recommend his book “Alien Investigator” published in 1999. It tells the true story of his battle to uncover the TRUTH about the alien races who visit this Earth.

With the experience of many years as a serving police officer in England, he has tackled top secret government cover-ups, survived threats to his own life, and established telepathic communication with some of the aliens. He exposes an international conspiracy to keep the public in the dark about alien intervention on Earth.

Tony was an authority on animal mutilations, the bizarre medical procedures carried out on animals near the scene of UFO activity. He also became one of the front-rank experts on abduction cases, having interviewed over a hundred people who have been taken by aliens. Despite the chilling nature of his work, he retained the patience, persistence, and humour which he developed during his 26 years in the police (1962-1988).

He also discloses the intense UFO/USO activity in the North Atlantic, North Sea, Barent Sea stretching from Greenland, thro' Iceland, Scotland, Norway during the period 1992 -1997.
During this period Icelandic fishermen were continually reporting UFOs tubular, orbs, and triangular. They were seeing huge triangular craft with multicoloured lights speeding underwater, emerging, hovering, diving, as a regular occurrence. On one occasion they observed a blinding flash and a US warship disappeared. At least one US warship was reported lost – a Sea Shadow (Stealth Ship). During 1993 a joint US & NATO & RUSSIAN “naval exercise” was mounted for the first time since WW2, and was even reported in the mainstream media !!