View Full Version : What Welshmen do at Christmas when they're bored :D

24th December 2013, 17:45
This is great fun and very clever :) It got lost during the problems so thought I'd post it again!


24th December 2013, 19:00
The Baaa-Studs!!!!!

I love these guys, Thanks Shamanseeker.:hilarious:

4th January 2014, 11:33
You're welcome, BaBaRa! I never tire of watching it :) I grew up on the other side of the border in Gloucestershire where the hills are the same and which is famous for its wool industry; the wool for billiards tables and the red cloth for the British Army and the Canadian Mounties came/comes (?) from there. My brother had a dog just like that - she wasn't pedigree and her mother was one of those little long-haired beige dogs but her DNA was all Border Collie. They are wonderfully affectionate and when my brother was at work, she was kept in the house by my mother's husband. She'd escape and run for miles over the hills and I'd see her when I was with my friends at the local sports centre where she'd run around the carousel barking her head off! My friends would have to help me catch her (she had no intention of going home) and take her back up the hill. One of my happier memories :) If you get one though, make sure you can take it for long, long walks in the country and let it free to run, run, run! It's is literally in their DNA.

9th January 2014, 16:52
On Thomas Longtons Farm, these puppies are seeing sheep for the first time- just for fun, to see if they are interested. They are 8-10 weeks old and will begin training at 1year old.


9th January 2014, 17:13
I'm becoming really fascinated by this shepherding business :) I know it's too late in life and I have other things I'm supposed to do but I'd love to be a shepherd so I'm posting these. Maybe someone else might find this interesting, too.




It's wonderful that they do not push these puppies or dogs to do things they don't want to do or which they aren't ready to do. This is a great lesson in life. I know from my experience in teaching English to small children and adults that you have to make it fun and have the sensitivity and patience not to push them farther than they are ready to go. We learn when we're having fun; this has been proved scientifically!

16th January 2014, 18:40