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1st September 2021, 02:53
Very interesting, feel it needs it's own thread >

https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=eljf6V4hcb4&fbclid=IwAR02pcZ9YRtBjgTGdS8HOEjLHwtRLOjC8P32n567G tIe0MCtsHiEGlRcToY

1st September 2021, 22:56
I saw that Ronald McDonald House meme ... the person with the mask.

I had an infant nephew that was treated at the University of Texas Children's Hospital for a fatal neurological disease. His parents stayed at the Ronald McDonald House during phases of their child's treatment. They are a godsend to people in need and under an emotional burden that can't be exceeded by anything.

I had a co-worker that asked me if I knew any good organizations that he could do an end of year donation for. I suggested RM House so he donated $10, 000 in the name of our NASA org ... Ground Control Officers ... yeah, really ... Ground Control to Uncle Tom or what ever the hell the words to that song are. There is a statistical 'pressure' called Regression to the Mean that keeps things average. Only a special change would produce all dumbos. :)

1st September 2021, 23:04
Ground Control calling for BoB here:


1st September 2021, 23:19
Yes BOB, have been involved with children and families through the house also, big picture image needed, not pretty.

13th December 2021, 04:57