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1st June 2021, 10:07
This is happening just now and seems important to be aware of.

Eclipse energies accelerate our evolution and raise our consciousness to higher levels of soul growth. The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse is a portal into clearing out spiritual programming and connections that have limited our personal power and individual sovereignty across multiple lifetimes. We can release a lot during this energy cycle, including our own limiting self-expectations, judgments, and unconscious programming. Much more to share in this podcast episode.

Part One:


The Gemini Solar Eclipse opens up new energies in our mental programming as blasts of higher light and neutrinos from the Sun awakening more of who we are and what we know at a soul level. These openings are portals into new potentials, pathways, and solutions that we can now access and feel into, especially as Neptune in Pisces influences our spiritual growth at the same time. Much more to share in this podcast episode.

Part Two: