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13th November 2013, 13:14
I came upon this by accident looking for something else (as you do) but it really caught my eye, especially the bit about allowing people to grow their own food. . . . The article was dated February 2009 so (pity) it didn't catch on. It could be an alternative for Modwiz and his tent if the oceans rise up and swamp all the land. Hate to think what would happen if a real killer whale tried to mount it tho! lol :) (could to into orbit and be the first wiz in space . . . .)


The Crescasa Houseboat Encourages an Eco-Friendly Nomadic Life
The Crescasa Houseboat looks like a killer whale. It is envisioned as a home of the future. As the population continues to grow, people will start looking for other places to live. With land filling up quickly, those places will soon extend across water. Although many people already opt for such lifestyles, the Crescasa Houseboat provides a unique inflatable alternative to traditional vessels.

Designed by Tom Pearce, the Crescasa Houseboat is expandable to better accommodate groups of different sizes. In addition to comfortable living quarters, the Crescasa Houseboat will also have aeroponic farms that will allow people to grow their own food. Essentially, it promotes a sustainable, nomadic way of life. The eco-friendly Crescasa Houseboat is made out of bamboo hemp material.

13th November 2013, 13:17
Here's another


The Gambo Design 'Thansadet' is Your Home on Land or Water
Published: Dec 14, 2010 • References: gambo.eu and thedesignblog.org
Sometimes, you just need to get away, and the Gambo Design 'Thansadet' might be anyone's choice vessel for escape since it lets you do so aquatically or terrestrially.

Capable of converting from a car-driven caravan to a float-alone houseboat, the Gambo Design 'Thansadet' is versatile and compact. Boasting all of the homey comforts of a condensed five-person dwelling, this nomadic adventure-bound auto will take you anywhere you'd like to go.

13th November 2013, 13:43
Very interesting posts. Top one very entertaining. It still may catch on as it's a good idea.