View Full Version : World Science Festival: The Richness of Time

3rd April 2021, 18:08

Join a physicist, a neuroscientist, and a linguist as they explore the deep enigmas of time. Time feels like it flows, but does it? Time seems to have a built-in direction, from past to future, but is that real or merely a quality imposed by the human brain? Time on earth elapses at a uniform rate, so why does the human experience of time seem so varied? How do various neurological afflictions change the perception of time? And underneath it all, how does human language impact our ability to think about time and fully experience its rich and mysterious contours?

PARTICIPANTS: Lera Boroditsky, Dean Buonomano

MODERATOR: Brian Greene

1 hour 30 minutes


4th April 2021, 12:33
The word 'time' often evokes this phrase in my mind...