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16th March 2021, 12:30
"Mar 15, 2021 by Miles's Bases Project

The Elohim have been responsible for some of the worst atrocities committed against and by man kind. Celestial Paladin Duncan Davis explains the fight back for humanity, simply making a short video...

Here is how, with extensive explanation and background, also features 'St Nicholas.

This is the 2nd edition with a correction on the website.

Details on how to make yout tiktokcurse and tiktokdead videos here www.tiktokdead.com

A mention in the discussion about the film series "Hostel" explains those are based on fact. This should give the viewer an understanding of the utter horror these Nephilim are responsible for. Also the extent that the powers that be are involved. A state of war exists.

The purposes of this video is to provide a means of fighting back against the Elohim who are part of the terrible and horrendous war that humanity has endured for a very very long time.

Tim Tony Stark Rifat, remains in Vietnam."