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29th January 2021, 14:08
"Feb 17, 2018 by Real Stories

This powerful and disturbing documentary covers the outcry approaching the release of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, the two 10 year old boys who killed 2 year-old James Bulger in 1993. Re-telling the tragedy, the film presents the protests against their release from an institution, delves into the backgrounds of the killers, their terrible violent act and the impact it caused in UK. It also explores claims that their punishment has been a sham, as reporter Deborah Davies investigates how inmates at secure units are treated and interviews experts to learn whether eight years has been sufficient time to successfully rehabilitate the pair."

29th January 2021, 14:17
"Dec 21, 2018 by 60 Minutes Australia

It's an image that still sickens us seventeen years later - toddler James Bulger being led out of an English shopping centre by two boys with murder on their minds. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were ten-years-old when they tortured and killed little James. It was a shocking case. Yet after only eight years of so-called "rehabilitation", they were released - returned to society with shiny new identities and clean slates. One of them has been arrested for another horrible crime raising the question - should they have been let out in the first place?"