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19th October 2020, 16:18
"Mar 26, 2020 by Futurology

This video is the culmination of documentaries that cover the history and origins of computing-based artificial intelligence.

[0:44-52:22] - The Thinking Machine

[52:22-59:26] - In Their Own Worlds (Claude Shannon)

[59:26-1:13:47] - The Thinking Machines

[1:13:47-2:07:42] - The Machine That Changed The World

[2:07:42-2:34:36] - John McCarthy Interview "

19th October 2020, 16:39
as a student I did a presentation on what was then known as 'The Thinking Machine'. It was actually a company that specialized in multi-processors ... specifically (from a theoretical perspective) over a thousand of them. In practical terms they were only able to successfully manage a small fraction of that number but it was still good enough to have major impacts on data retrieval algorithms. My presentation was idiotic and typically at a level of juvenile sophistication ... :) ... My specialty.