View Full Version : Sex magic, playing with fire, and modern rocketry -- Jack Parsons

Octopus Garden
17th September 2020, 23:59
I think you will find this interesting. You probably know about Jack Parsons, but if not...its an intriguing story. He founded the jet propulsion lab, was into magic and tried to summon the devil. His death was highly suspicious, from a supernatural perspective.


18th September 2020, 10:00
i think the Wright brothers was 1903 ... :) That is what 'magic' will get you. It is spiritually more enlightened to call it 'the will of God'

18th September 2020, 10:05
i asked a friend one time how to get into Stanford and she said there are no requirements beyond the ability to pay for it.

18th September 2020, 17:21
Poor Jack. His magic seems to have worked and yet he did not get to see/enjoy that fact. Double-sided blade.

Octopus Garden
18th September 2020, 19:14
The book, Strange Angel, about Parson's life and times, is fascinating. It's an incredible cultural and social portrait of the Pasadena area at the time. Also, describes the occult scene there, at the time. And yes, if you summon the devil, at any time, particularly for knowledge and or power, be prepared for it to backfire!