View Full Version : The Mayan Book So Controversial They Had To Write It In Secret

13th September 2020, 13:22
"13 SEP 2020 by Matrix Wisdom

Written in 1550, Popol Vuh is considered sacred by modern Maya and has helped decipher Maya stone carvings at several important archaeological sites. To ethnographers and historians, the Popol Vuh offers rare insights into ancient Maya culture."

13th September 2020, 18:40
I could swear I've seen this book somewhere in my parents bookshelf... Need to go search for it.

20th September 2020, 10:19
Some years ago many old mayan books/scrolls were found, 200 odd from memory and there was fear they would get buried as such, appears so as not heard anything.

Was said the biggest ever book burning was the mayan data and not the nazis