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27th August 2020, 11:11
"Aug 26, 2020 by RemovingtheShackles

Today was a busy show!! I've separated it into two videos: Opening with an short UnFuckIt Discussion- talking about this crazy weather, the wild lightning storms that have been happening- plasma discharges? Forest Fires? Exploding buildings? Seriously insane!!

And then Part 2 (available as soon as I can get it uploaded, lol), the Prepping: First Aid Kit discussion: My basic "must have" in your First Aid Kit List (regardless if you're at home or "buggin' out"), And a run down of my recommendations- both for "Buggin' Out" or "Buggin' In"- for various levels of first aid, depending on your abilities, knowledge and what you WANT to learn to take you to that next level. Ann Callaghan gave a great Homeopathic Basics presentation, with a focus on various first aid situations, and what you need to have on hand."