View Full Version : Little boy lost in market embarks on journey to find family

18th June 2020, 14:09
Do you remember the story of Saroo's incredible journey to find his long lost family. Here is a parallel story from the Philippines, and of course...what would we do without the Aussies or the Aussie mums?

The Long Way Home.

Joel De Carteret’s remarkable journey proves the power of love can overcome truly impossible odds. There’s an extraordinary ending to this story, but it begins with heartbreak. As a five year old Joel got hopelessly lost from his mother when he wandered away from the family home and into a bustling city market in the Philippines. He searched and searched but couldn’t find her, and eventually was taken to an orphanage. Imagine his despair as for the next 18 months this little boy contemplated a future with little hope. But Joel is plucky and also lucky. He’s adopted by a caring and loving Australian family. He goes on to lead a happy and successful life here, except something is always missing. Six months ago, 30 years after getting lost, Joel De Carteret couldn't ignore the pain any longer. He had to find his birth mother. But in a country of one hundred million, where would he even start to look?


Octopus Garden
19th June 2020, 07:25
Very touching!

19th June 2020, 12:42
Having had a son, it breaks my heart to think of anyone losing theirs.

19th June 2020, 15:34
Having had a son, it breaks my heart to think of anyone losing theirs.


26th June 2020, 08:26
Just watching now, put this ahead of the other fifty vids lol

26th June 2020, 09:07
Glad i did watch, needed a happy cry, thankyou