View Full Version : "Christian" Stranglehold on Power

Octopus Garden
16th June 2020, 21:57
If you are looking for a real conspiracy, look no farther!


As well, this is important. It fleshes out a major part of the control system--Cambridge Analytica


17th June 2020, 12:11
I have great concern about this. I started a thread on The Family (https://jandeane81.com/showthread.php/13179-The-Family?p=842014633&viewfull=1#post842014633). They are enmeshed in power already and will do much more damage than anything the left has to offer, imo.

17th June 2020, 12:20
The second issue is also a great concern. I don't use Facebook, I don't subscribe online, I rarely join anything. And I've had conversations with my husband after which I'll see an ad or you tube video about the very subject we were discussing. It's creepy and disturbing. And we're entering an era where we cannot avoid using the tech that stalks us.

We are the trainers of the AI and I'm quite concerned that we're training it to be pretty bad.