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16th September 2013, 12:11
I have managed to retrieve this thread from the old TOT forum that I started on 2nd March 2013 - I am posting this again seeing as the story of Diana is once more in the news again questioning the events surrounding her death.

This is a most thorough documentary for anyone who has not watched it.

"We all knew Diana had been murdered, it is as simple as that"

A Message From British Film Director, CHRIS EVERARD:

Since 1997, I have been investigating the crash which killed Princess Diana, her companion, Dodi AlFayed, the driver, Henri Paul, and massively wounded ex-paratrooper Trevor Rees-Jones. LADY DIE represents nearly ten years of research by myself, DAVID ICKE and the co-authors of the book "Diana: The Hidden Evidence", JON KING and JOHN BEVERIDGE.

A Mercedes S280 of the exact model and year was purchased in order that tests could be made for this documentary. The film has a running time of nearly 4 hours and leaves no stone unturned.

The horrific history of the royal family is exposed, including the faked suicide/murder of Stephen Ward, Prince Philip's links with the Profumo scandal, Occult Cocktail Parties at the Cliveden Estate in the 1960s, the exorcism of Stephen Wards cottage, the double murder of two young princes in the Tower of London, the forced euthenasia of King George in 1936 - his killing was timed to coincide with the morning edition of The Times newspaper - and, of course, the film features a full investigation into the crash which killed Princess Diana.

I assembled a Scotland Yard-style incident board for the making of this documentary, which reveals hitherto unknown information about many of the characters involved in the plot to kill Diana.

The film explores the hand-written note which Diana gave to her butler - and another given for safe keeping to her lawyer - which explicitly said that a fake car crash, one which would result in death, was being planned by people working for Prince Charles.

DAVID ICKE bravely puts forward his research, based on confidantes of Princess Diana, which suggests that the crash in Paris was the beginning of a gruesome occult ritual with the time and place of the crash being chosen carefully to coincide with ancient Satanic Rites. Davids excellent book THE BIGGEST SECRET is also discussed in this film.

What exactly did the Queen mean when she warned Diana's butler PAUL BURREL, that there were "dark and mysterious forces" at work in Britain?

What was Henri Paul doing the hours immediately before he turned up for work on that fateful night?

Why was the SIPA press agency in Paris broken into following the death of a Paparazzi photographer?

Who were the senior MI6 and MI5 agents in the tunnel on the night of the crash?

Why was Klaus Werner deported after standing vigil outside Dianas apartment?

All these questions and much more are answered in this film, which was edited in a constantly moving vehicle and deposited at the DVD factories on the day that the British inquiry heard the father of Dodi AlFayed pronounce that his sons death was a case of Black & White MURDER.

The historical part of this film proves, using extensive photos, newspaper cuttings, film clips and testimonies, that the royal family have stabbed and slashed their way to power throughout the ages.


16th September 2013, 12:14
These are my personal notes written directly after watching the above documentary back in March this year.

I have finally watched the whole of this long documentary in two stages over the weekend and I am so pleased that I persevered with it, as the documentary uncovered a lot of new information I had not heard before, that ties in with an ‘unlawful killing’. For instance, I was unaware that the moment Diana was pronounced dead, her mother and sister began destroying her letters and other paperwork as well as personal belongings – this is most curious, and brings up the question as to ‘who’ were they protecting? This now explains why her butler attempted to preserve what he could of Diana’s. Also I was unaware that Charles, prior to becoming engaged with Diana, had had romantic liaisons with both her older sisters! Also there was an attempted assignation attempt on Camilla involving a car accident.

The last two hours of this documentary goes into a lot of detail about the ‘crash’ itself, pointing out numerous details that I had not heard about from previous documentaries made on the subject, so well worth the listen. For instance, the slip road that Henri Paul should have taken to get to Dodi’s apartment (just prior to the underpass tunnel) was blocked by a stationary motorcyclist – thus his only option was to travel into the tunnel ‘away’ from Dodi’s home.

What I find most curious and revealing is that the mysterious white Fiat Uno at high speed overtook a police car prior to entering the tunnel. It was then seen travelling almost to a crawl/stop waiting at the entrance of the underpass until Diana’s car entered the tunnel. This white Fiat Uno then sped up and had its left side scrapped with the Mercedes S280 just prior to the 13th column collision where the Mercedes then spun around on the road right in front of the Fiat Uno – YET there were zero tyre marks of the Fiat Uno ever breaking or reacting to the accident and somehow ‘weaved’ passed the deadly scene now leaving the tunnel at very high speeds.

I know there has been much speculation towards a well known reporter who owned a white Fiat Uno, speculating that he may have been part of this ‘operation’. He always said he was there at the scene but arrived on a motorbike and took a whole bunch of photographs capturing every moment just after the crash and ‘who’ was present at the scene. What I did not know, his photo’s were stored with his agent, and 2 years later had an appointment with ‘someone’ interested in purchasing some of these controversial photos taken on that ‘fatal night’. The reporter never arrived at his appointment, but found many miles away dead in his white Fiat Uno with a bullet to his head – AND the car ‘locked’ from the outside! The car keys were never found. The post-mortem concluded it was suicide!!!??? I would say conveniently ‘suicided’. And the agent who had possession of his photos was burgled a day or so after his death and the only things stolen was just this reporter’s file of photos. Mmmmmm....

I also didn’t know that Mercedes engineers were refused to inspect the smashed up Mercedes S280. Curiously, the said Mercedes had been stolen at gun point just a month prior and left abandoned with the thieves just taking the engines electronic brain that is worth less than a couple of hundred sterling pounds – how odd. The police returned the Mercedes to the Limo agency and a new ‘brain’ was added – Could the ‘brain’ have been tampered with so that it could be remotely controlled? Also this documentary questions how this particular model of Mercedes that is one of the strongest robust vehicles on the road, managed to crumple in the way it did – the robust framework is built not to do this – was the framework somehow weakened? Is this why the Mercedes engineers were refused to inspected the vehicle?

Also, I did not know that the media when interviewing any of the tens of thousands of public mourners who lined the streets and palaces during the first week of Diana's death were prohibited to report any opinions insinuating ‘murder’ or ‘inside job’. It was made clear in this documentary that the consensus agreement among the tens of thousands of public mourners that gathered saw it as ‘murder’ and they came to London not just to mourn but to also make a stand that they ‘knew’ this was no ordinary accident. The atmosphere was apparently revolutionary; it was this revolutionary tension from the public that made the queen concede very quickly for a proper state funeral fitting for Lady Diana.

There were other interesting facts and insights this documentary brought up - the above is just my own brief take of what I remembered that was new to me.

I then decided to re-watch the famous Panorama interview with Diana in November 1995. Bear in mind, Charles had just recently done an interview owning up to his long term love affair with Camilla. Shortly after this interview Charles demanded a divorce and her ‘HRH’ was removed. In hindsight with all that later happened, Diana’s answers although understandably guardedly spoken are quite revealing to rehear.


16th September 2013, 12:18
Back to the present moment, I have just finished watching this documentary (which may have come from clips from the OP documentary - not sure).

This is about the paparazzi telling their side of the story.



Diana Princess of Wales was perhaps the most photographed person in he world. Her death in a car crash in August 1997 stunned a world that had lived her life with her. The blame was put squarely on the photographers who surrounded her in death as well as in life.For ten years conspiracy theories claims and counter-claims have obscured what actually happened that night. Did the photographers chase Diana to her death in the Pont dAlma tunnel? Were they too busy taking pictures to call the emergency services and did their presence hinder those services? They had witnessed and recorded one of the most terrible and iconic moments of the 20th century. But for ten years that night has plagued their lives.This is the story of the photographers arrested that night.The film uses some of the photographs that were taken by passers-by as well as professionals and helps to establish what went on in the tunnel that night. Some have not been seen on television before. They are the most precise record of what happened in the tunnel during the hour after the crash.

16th September 2013, 12:20
My post copied from the old TOT thread

In memory of Princess Diana, here are her brother’s words (The Earl of Spencer), taken from a part of his speech during her funeral.

“Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity. All over the world, a standard-bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcended nationality. Someone with a natural nobility who was classless and who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.”

The Full transcript of Panorama’s Diana Interview can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/special/politics97/diana/panorama.html

For the full transcript of Diana’s Funeral as well as the speeches given by Diana’s sister (Lady Sarah McCorquodale) and her younger brother (The Earl Spencer) can be found here: http://www.dianapow.com/funeral.htm

16th September 2013, 12:27
David Icke - Princess Diana Assassination




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Here is a lovey full documentary exploring the real Diana (originally from the old TOT forum thread) - Diana was an amazing lady and touched so many hearts in all the work she did publicly and also quietly behind the scenes. The documentary starts from her childhood up until her final weeks alive.